Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haunted Minnesota Monastery

Modernist Collegeville

St. John's University [1] - An angry mother haunts the campus of this Catholic school for men. During construction of Abbey Church in the 1880s, a young monk fell from a scaffold and was killed. The mother of the monk was never satisfied with the Abbott's explanation. After a heated argument at the dedication of the church, the woman was killed when her buggy overturned in a nearby lake. Afterwards strange, wet footprints were regularly found down the center aisle of the church and people complained of feeling an agitated presence there. Years later, when a new church was built on the same spot, a huge crack formed down the center aisle on the day of dedication. [The New and improved Abbey Church] Wet footprints are also left behind by the ghost of Brother Anselm Bartolome, who drowned at nearby Sagatagon Lake. He haunts the shores of the lake as well as the halls of the university where he taught.

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Article about Jewish Hungarian architect of the Abbey

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