Saturday, July 28, 2012

Detroit Priest Campaigns For Pro-Abort Congressman on Radio

Edit: Some things never change.  Sometimes, Liberal prelates and priests have their hands slapped for their indefensible political mongering for the Left, but they usually return to their business after a brief wait.  That certainly has been true of Chicago's Father Pfleger.   It's no less true for Fr. Norman Thomas, a creature of the dissident homosexual Bishop Thomas Gumbleton.

What Father Thomas is doing now is appearing on the radio and endorsing the pro-abort, homosexual promoting, Democratic Congressman Hansen Clarke on a CBS affiliate WWJ 950AM.

Father Thomas has been long active on behalf of Democratic, and therefore Socialist, causes.  This was the case when, despite complaints from local Catholics, the Diocese refused to do something about it, and the former Vice President was permitted, despite the gross liturgical abuse involved, to speak "after" the homily for 15 minutes.  Here's an excerpt from the Detroit News, which chronicles the attempt of local laity to address the issue to no avail.
   To be sure, Sacred Heart is no typical parish, which makes this event particularly significant. Its pastor is Fr. Norman Thomas, a veteran of both politics and controversy. Fr. Thomas is one of four priest-advisers to the Catholic Caucus, the aggressively liberal lobbying group formed nine years ago by Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton. 
   Yes, that was Fr. Thomas’ smiling face you saw repeatedly on TV last year in those paid political advertisements endorsing Geoffrey Fieger for governor. If you have a really long memory, you will recall that Fr. Norman Thomas almost a dozen years ago was repeatedly quoted in the local newspapers criticizing Cardinal Edmund Szoka for his closing of 26 parishes in Detroit. You could say he’s an independent sort of guy, accustomed to defying authority.
So it seemed obvious that Gore’s visit was going to be thoroughly political. And it was.
Yet, from start to finish in this unfortunate fiasco, Cardinal Maida, through his various spokesmen, defended Gore’s right to be at Sacred Heart. Complainers were told, correctly, that the church welcomes everyone to the altar of God. But some of those who called to complain were told emphatically that Gore was not going to speak in the church and that this was not a special mass, but a regular 10:30 Sunday morning mass.
Events showed that Gore was not a visitor but the central figure in the two-hour event. Gore arrived at least 30 minutes late, and Fr. Thomas held up the proceedings for his arrival. When Gore and his contingent of politicians arrived, Fr. Thomas met them at the back of the church. Gore and the pastor then proceeded side by side to the front of the church, where Gore sat in the front row. 
Gore spoke at the pulpit during mass after the homily for a good 15 to 20 minutes, which is a violation of liturgical law, which says only an ordained person may speak at the time of the homily. News clips of his talk were broadcast around the country, including photos of Gore on the pulpit and outside the church with several priests. 
   There was virtually no response to this sacrilege from the Catholic or pro-life community. I counted only 14 protesters, including me, who were forced to stand 500 feet away.
   What can someone like me say to my seven children who all know what abortion is?

Father Thomas belongs to a variety of odd groups which are no doubt, receiving that CCHD money to muddy the waters and further denude this Diocese of any catholicity.

Fr. Thomas was also the Chairperson of the Eastern Market Task Force, and is the Vice Chairperson of the Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance, and Chairperson of the Urban Parish Coalition, and a member of the Interfaith Committee for Workers Issues, Board Member of Wayne County Catholic Social Services, Board Member of Sacred Heart/St. Elizabeth and Chene Providence Community Development Corporations, Chairperson of the Sweat-free World Campaign, and 2005 Urban League Distinguished Warrior Award.

Father Thomas can be contacted at:  313-831-1356 ext. 10


Anonymous said...

Vatican II strikes again! Woe to you scribes and pharisees!

Anonymous said...

This from the very same Arch Diocese that forced "Real Catholic tv" to remove the word Catholic from its title. I guess Mr. Voris could have swung way left of center and he would have been left alone, huh? Holy St. Michael, defend us!

Anonymous said...

With great consistency do liberals act, as long as the person agrees with them, all is good; but when someone disagrees, tyranny unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you wanted to know our great archangelic brother+@+spiritual+arms and the 'Archestrategos' (A Latin word that more or less means a 'commander of many armies or hosts)of the Celestial Court's name in Hebrew it would be similar to the Rooski 'Mikhail.' Or perhaps Mikha'il. Pronownskiated:(LOL :P) Mee-(make that wonderfully Semitic KH-acking sound for the KH)Khah-eel. And so then, Hagia Mikha'il! Pray for us! P.S. Sorry, I just HAD to throw in a wee bit of greek (Hagia=holy or saint in Greek)