Monday, July 30, 2012

American magnates ordered assassination of Russian Imperial family - historian

Edit: Will they name names?

Moscow, July 27, Interfax - PhD in History and author of six books about Nicholas II Pyotr Multatuli is convinced that assassination of the last Russian emperor's family was ordered in the USA. 

"The crime was initiated by the Bolshevik government in Moscow, mainly by the head of the All Russian Central Executive Committee Yakov Sverdlov, and Shaya Goloshchekin, Yakov Yurovsky, Alexander Beloborodov executed it in the Urals. The details were cleared out when the White Army came into Yekaterinburg. There was an investigation and investigator Nikolay Sokolov played an important part in it, he managed to take the materials out to Europe," Multatuli was quoted as saying by the Argumenty i Fakty daily.

In 1922, Sokolov decrypted secret talks between Sverdlov and Yurovsky where it was mentioned that the USA gave an order "to liquidate the whole family." The order was conveyed to Moscow through American mission that then was located in Vologda. 

A community of transnational capital was formed in the USA in the early 20th century, representatives of certain financial and industrial circles were its members. Its headquarters was located in New York. The community strove to establish world hegemony and set up unipolar world, the edition writes.

Besides financial and industrial component, the community had mystical and occult character. There were its followers all around the world. These people could not realize their plans without eliminating autocratic Orthodox Russia. Therefor the monarch aroused organization's irreconcilable animosity, the author writes. 

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Dolorosa said...

Our Lady of Fatima is still awaiting the Pope to consecrate Russia.

Vive le Christ roi ! said...

Synagogue of Satan, who else? No mystery here except for the names. And we don't need to know them because God already knows them. We won't be who gives them what they deserve, God will be. "It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God."

Anonymous said...

Hm interesting indeed. About 80% of the Russian commie leadership were Jewish. Thats a rough estimate. If you look at the various ruling committees you can come up with a more accurate estimate, but 80% is about right. Even Stalin was Jewish, though nearly all the history books describe him as Christian, this isnt true.
It is well known that money came from the US to finance the revolution, that an request to get rid of the ruling family might also come from the US doesnt surprise. Jews and communism are inseperable. Jews constitute four or five members of every board of every large financial institution. Jews control more than 50% of the Western media. Even Rupert Murdoch is Jewish lol. Jews dont love Jesus. The note left by Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri and revealed 12 months after his death states Jesus is the messiah. This news didnt go down well in Insrael. ln fact only one newspaper reported it, a little odd given that the rabbi was most revered, hundreds of thousands attended his funeral. If Jews started loving Jesus we would be living in a vastly different world.