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"The Pope Wants to Recognize the SSPX"

The General Superior of the Society spoke at the Chartres Pilgrimage about the efforts toward reconciliation with the Vatican.
Bischof Fellay bei der Wallfahrt nach Orléans.
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(kreuz.net, Orleans)  Since Saturday and till Monday the Society f St. Pius X marched from Chartres to Orleans.

In the last year, Paris was the pilgrim's goal.

But this year the Society are recognizing the 600th birthday of the French national heroine, St. Joan of Arc (+1431)  who was born in Orleans.

Shennanigans of the City

The Pius Pilgrims didn't know for long where the concluding Mass would take place in Orleans.

The authorities of the city were really intent on sabotaging the event.

The Society requested some land near the Cathedral in the center of the city.   The authorities expressed their concerns about that.

Then the place agreed upon and the Society began with its planning.

Two weeks before the beginning of the pilgrimage, a denial came out of the blue.

The concluding Mass would therefore have to take place on the peninsula of Charlemagne on the harbor of Loire at the doors of the city.

The Church is at an End

On Pentecost Sunday Bishop Bernard Fellay -- the General Superior of the Society -- celebrated Holy Mass for the pilgrims.

He preached long in French, English and German.

The General Superior touched upon the subject of the destruction of the Church and talked about the Pastoral Council.

Humanly speaking the distorted figure of the Church can not be saved from this crisis -- he said.

Actually, one can't think humanly.  The Church will remain, because She is the bride of Christ.

Bishop Fellay Can't see all the Cards

The Bishop explained that the Society is full of mistrust and fear in the things of the discussion with the Vatican.

One sees how poorly the traditional societies reconciled with the Vatican have been managed -- even those, who have only a light inclination to tradition.

The Society have to proceed with great intelligence.

Somehow or other:  The Society will fight on

At the same time Bishop Fellay sees the possibility that the Society will be recognized.

If the reconciliation threatened the existence of the Society, then it would be rejected.

At the same time it's not a question of imposing God's will.

Will the Pope Follow Through to the End Despite Opposition?

Of one thing is Msgr Fellay certain:  "The Pope wants to recognize the SSPX."

The Bishop then put the question if Benedict XVI is in a position to bring the situation to a conclusion:

"Will he give in, if he is confronted with pressure, with opposition?"

Lack of Unity in Faith

At present there are many open questions.

Msgr Fellay mentioned the Dogmatic Discussions and the various ways of weighing the Pastoral Council.

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Catholic Mission said...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
The solution to the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) canonical status issue is easy and the SSPX can help Pope Benedict XVI.They can make his decision easy with a clear announcement on Catholic doctrine.

Bishop Bernard Fellay is quoted as saying that they do not reject the Council per se and could accept 95% of Vatican Council II.He would want the other five percent to be interpreted also according to Tradition.

So an announcement is called for:

The SSPX can state that they accept the Council as a historical reality-it happened. They would agree with the Council when it is interpreted according to Tradition. They also agree with Ad Gentes 7(AG 7), specially, which says all people, all non Catholics included, need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water for salvation. This includes Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Protestants. AG 7 is not contradicted by Lumen Gentium 16 since we do not know anyone on earth saved in invincible ignorance or a good conscience. So AG 7 does not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Every one needs to convert into the Church and there are no known exceptions of the baptism of desire, seeds of the Word etc.We accept in principle the possibility of non Catholics being saved in invincible ignorance etc and in a manner known only to God. These cases are unknown to us.


Catholic Mission said...

Since the dogma and AG 7 affirm the need for all people to enter the Church, all political and social legislation must be centred on Jesus as he is understood by the Catholic Church, the one true Church (UR 3).AG 7 places a moral obligation on Catholics to affirm only the Catholic Church in inter-religious dialogue and ecumenism. In inter religious dialogue it must be remembered that the Church is the ordinary means of salvation (Redemptoris Missio 55).Catholics are the new people of God (NA 4), the Chosen People of God. They have the Jewish Messiah, the new and eternal Covenant and the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Once this is all clear and announced in public SSPX critics will observe that the SSPX is endorsing Vatican Council II (AG 7 etc). They are also affirming it in accord with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. In accord with Tradition, they are also affirming traditional ecclesiology and the traditional understanding of Judaism, other religions and ecumenism. So they cannot be faulted. They can cite references from the Council while the liberals cannot support their new ecclesiology with texts from the Council since LG 16 is not an exception to AG 7. There are no exceptions e.g. collegiality or Nostra Aetate do not reject AG 7.

Meanwhile the SSPX continues to reject the liberal interpretation of Vatican Council II which has no supporting text from the Council and assumes those saved in invincible ignorance etc are known to us on earth.

SSPX could in turn ask Cardinal Kurt Koch and Cardinal Luiz Ladaria S.J and the rest of the Vatican Curia, to affirm Vatican Council II (AG 7) in accord with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with no known exceptions.

Cardinal Kurt Koch in his May 16 statement at the Angelicum University, reported by Catholic News Service and Rorate Caeli has indicated that Jews do not have to convert in the present time. This is proof that he does not accept Vatican Council II.-Lionel Andrades

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