Monday, May 14, 2012

Cardinal Attacks Catholic Philosopher at Academy for Life

Edit: WOW!  He must be really bitter he wasn't appointed to Milan.

Whoever distances themselves from the child holocaust,  is a "fundamentalist" according to the Old Liberal Curial Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

(  The Austrian philosopher Joseph Seifert (67) is a noteworthy thinker and a member of the 'Pontifical Academy for Life'.

At the beginning of May he protested in an open letter against the February General Congregation of the 'Academie'.

There were several speakers who were propagating the immoral artificial insemination.  Other praised the early abortion anti-baby pill.

Stridently Anti-Clerical Vocabulary

Cardinal Giancarlo Ravasi -- the President of the Pontifical Council of Culture -- silenced Seifert as if he were a schoolboy.

In the usual tone of anti-clerical slanderers, he denounced the renowned philosopher indirectly as a "fundamentalist".

It is necessary to have a "precise indentity" -- he explained according to reports from US-Website '' on the 11th of May.

It was then he proceeded to say the opposite:  "This identity is serius and well founded, not simply fundamentalist."

The Fear of the Old Liberals

The Cardinal defended against the opinion of critics, that the Academy should give no forum to the enemies of humanityh.

He supported them with a "fear for dialog".

This stems from the fact that a person can not be in the situation to defend and justify his own principles:  "For that reason he will not listen to others".

The Vatican Doesn't Need Any More Enemies of the Church

There was no understanding of the scandalous statements that the Cardinal had for Belgian moral theologian, Prelate Michel Schooyans.   He is in any case, a member of the Academy.

Speakers in the Vatican were invited to have an opportunity to spea against Catholic teaching, "to refute the respective Church teaching on human life."

"When one begins compromising at the Vatican, then a process is initiated which confuses public opinion.

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