Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Muslims Remove Cross From Popular Football Team Logo

Edit: It's the little things they start to change.
The logo on the left is the typical one used by the massively popular Real Madrid soccer team. It is still the logo seen on the club’s web site. The one on the right is the new, edited version that will be used to promote the new, billion dollar Real Madrid resort island being built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Did you notice that the small cross atop the crown was removed?
If you are not familiar with the soccer world, Real Madrid is on par with other globally-recognized professional sports franchises like the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys. They are a brand with annual revenues over $500,000 million and an estimated net worth of almost $2 billion dollars.
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c matt said...

Perhaps this is why Real Madrid cannot make it to a Champions League final, much less win one.

I also heard that Inter-Milan changed one of their alternate uniforms (the white jersey with a red cross - looks like the English flag) for similar reasons. And look at the problems Inter is having.