Sunday, March 11, 2012

Washington D.C.: Homosexual Agenda Leads to Yet Another Priestly Suspension

Edit: Yes, it's official, just as we said it would.  One of the most Liberal Cardinals in the American Church strikes a blow for political correction at the expense of the Catholic Faith.   The faithful priest, Father Marcel, has been suspended for doing his job.

After an effeminate apology from the chancery staff, insult is added to injury and a loyal priest now finds himself suspended.

This is becoming an all-too-familiar pattern Father Demets, Father Skoblicki and Father Micheal Rodriguez more recently. .  Many of your Lefty and more effeminate types out there make a study of ignoring these things when they happen and the etiology behind them.  But the Restore DC Catholicism blog recommends cutting off your donations.  We think that's a great idea.

Other blogs picking this up are Socon or bust, or less savory blogs like, DignityUSA, who gloats.

At least one blog recalls the neo-Con and lefty inspired running down of Father Corapi.

It's a wonder how these Old Liberal prelates have any expectation of obedience at all.

You can check out an excellent letter too, on this blog, it's right here.