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Traditional Priest in Union With Rome Skeptical About Bux Letter

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In the decadent Conciliar realm a Catholic priest doesn't expect paradise, but contempt,  odium and indifference.

(kreuz.net, Santiago)  It is the right time to reconcile with the Vatican.

This  is what  Italian Liturgist, Prelate Nicola Bux,  wrote in an open letter to the Society of St. Pius X.

The Prelate explained in it that after the Pastoral Council, a "real disaster" broke out in the Church.

At the same time he warned that the Society should not let the "moment of Grace" pass by.

Discouraging Experiences 

Father Raphael Navas --  the one responsible for the traditional 'Institute of the Good Shepherd' for South America-- criticized the open letter on 'facebook.com'.

His Institute is a breakaway from the Society.   Father Navas was earlier a member there.

His report of his time in the Conciliar Church is not only rosy.

The Hopes of the Prelate.

Father Navas comments in the following excerpt from the open letter of Prelate Bux:

"In the fullness of Church members with the great family, that which the Church is, your voice will not be repressed any longer."

A reconciliation will bring significant fruits, which otherwise would decay -- wrote the Prelate.

The Reality is Completely Otherwise

Father Navas believes Father Bux is of good will.

But: "The reality is something else".

As an example Father described the problems of the Institute in Chile.

Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello (70) of Santiago in Chile and the neighboring Diocese have been reserved toward the Institute -- although it is approved by the Holy See.

"It goes as far as that the canonical establishement will be denied."

There is Only One Sin For the Old Liberals -- to be a Traditionalist

Father Navas named "modern forms of ecclesiastical persecution --  contempt, odium and indifference".

It is considered a "great sin" to only celebrate the Old Rite of the Mass and to interpret the Second Vatican Council in the sense of Catholic belief.

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