Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chicago Parish Featured Anglican Priestess Activist to Preach

Edit:   One of our friends sends us news that a parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago, which has a history of inviting "preachers from all over the country" and  had invited a homosexual Anglican priestess to deliver the sermon.  The event took place on 25 March, 2012.  There's been no comment on it at all as far as we know.

The parish is called Old St. Patrick's is to religion what going to Farrel's old tyme restaurant is to food. Except in the case of Farrel's, you're not going to get food poisoning or imbibe the pernicious doctrines of heretics. St. Patrick's is a suburban-like church with a Unitarian ambiance, complete with hip religious sensibilities of the aging youth cult, that is to say, the emphasis is on the here and now.  Indeed, looks like they've slated an hour for confession on Good Friday.  How generous!

Here, at Old St. Patrick's, you can also give a welcome to a homosexual Anglican priestess.

Each year during Lent, it has been our custom to invite distinguished preachers to share their reflections on the season with us. Whether through a Lenten Mission, Liturgy, or Evening of Reflection, Old St. Patrick’s has been proud to host some of the finest preachers throughout the city and country. For Lent 2012, Old St. Patrick’s continues this tradition.

For the Sundays of Lent leading up to Palm Sunday, Old St. Patrick’s is honored to host an extraordinary opportunity to hear five outstanding, thought-provoking, and inspiring preachers.

In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, as we approach the 50th anniversary of its commencement, Old St. Patrick’s will honor the Roman Catholic Church’s commitment to ecumenism [sic], biblical scholarship, and social justice in the celebration of our Sunday Liturgy, as these five guest preachers break open the Word.

In order to accommodate all members, visitors and guests who wish to witness this Series, we will host extended seating in the Church Hall with a live-feed from the Liturgy in the Church.
Here's a description from the parish newspaper:

Fifth Sunday of Lent March 25 11:15 a.m. Mass Rev. Bonnie Perry, D.Min.

The Rev. Bonnie A. Perry is the rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, where she combines her passion for preaching and worship with her commitment to service and justice. In 1993, she and parishioners began distributing groceries to neighbors in need on the front steps of the church. By 2001, All Saints launched Ravenswood Community Services, a non-profit organization which provides hunger relief, health services, and life skills education in the Ravenswood and Uptown neighborhoods. These days, more than 400 neighbors make their way to All Saints’ for food, volunteer opportunities and community each week.

Not only is she a homosexual, but she's among the front runners to become a Bishop in her dying and decadent religious body. Chicago Tribune wrote this:

But as one of three openly gay candidates who could be selected for the job Saturday--there are seven nominees in all--Perry, 44, stands at the edge of a global controversy threatening to split her church.Church leaders in Africa and South America have severed ties with the Anglican Communion since their American counterpart, the Episcopal Church, consecrated a gay bishop, New Hampshire's V. Gene Robinson, in 2003.
Fr. Thomas Hurley
Contact the Pastor:

Pastor Fr. Thomas J. Hurley 

Archdiocese of Chicago
835 N. Rush St. Chicago, IL 60611-2030

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Anonymous said...

She(?) is also an ex-Catholic (from "REV. BONNIE PERRY: Pastor doesn't shy from call",0,7350407.story ):

A gifted athlete at the head of her class, she was a hard act for her siblings to follow, her father said. As a high school junior, a Roman Catholic youth retreat changed her life.

"I had such a profound encounter with Christ when I was 16--that all my life I have wanted everyone to have some sort of sacred encounter in their own lives," she later wrote.

When it came time to choose a college, Perry sought the intimate religious atmosphere of College of the Holy Cross, a Jesuit school in Massachusetts.

She started out with pre-med courses but reached a turning point as a junior when she asked religion professor Alice Laffey to create a course on women and the church just for her.

There was one obstacle in her way. Perry was a devout Catholic woman confronted by the call to be a priest. As a divinity student at New York's Union Theological Seminary, she searched for a place to answer that call and fell in love with the liturgy of the Episcopal Church.

Capt. Morgan said...

heretic, plain and simple. I do not care how you might wish that fact away, this women is a heretic and is living in sin. A sin forbade under both the old covenant and the new. The Faith is true. every thing else is from the father of all lies. Pray for her to repent and do penance.

Anonymous said...

Keep this filth out of the Church! It is an offense to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Perry's also run multiple times to be elected an Episcopal(ian) 'bishop' - and lost every time. Look at it this way, for every cultural Catholic she wins over to the Episcopal Church, there's probably a wavering Episcopalian who will now consider the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

- a weary Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian

Anonymous said...

and this filth is allowed and the sspx excommunicated fascinating just fascinating i am truly getting that guttural hatred for you modern Vatican 2 Christ killers.. at least Judas threw back his 30 pieces of silver

Anonymous said...

I guess Old St. Pat's went nuts after I left Chicagoland. What a shame. Of course, there is no such thing as a woman priest or bishop, so Mr. Perry has taken hold of a 'strong delusion,' as the Scriptures would say. They need a new pastor at Old St. Pat's.

Anonymous said...

I worked at OSP in the 2000’s. That place was always like that. It was the intention of the previous pastor, Fr Wall, and was taken over by Hurley (who was intentionally chosen to continue their mission). This church has always been a politically motivated, very left leaning church. The amount of heretical nonsense that was allowed to go on there under Card George and that continues with great vigor under Cupich is just astonishing. They aren’t secretive about their initiatives. One only need to speech to a parishioner or staff member, or attend mass there regularly. It is like an Angelican church anyway, so why not continue to invite outsiders to further their message?