Thursday, March 29, 2012

Professional Catholic Bill Donahue Defends Leftist Prelate

Neumayr asks: What will the Pretty People think if I withhold Communion from powerful pro-abortion Catholic pols? Will the Washington Post editorialize against me? Will I lose my place of honor at posh parties? Will my dissenting priests think ill of me? Will I be scorned at the next USCCB meeting?

Editor:  No, not all, you'll also receive a hit piece by Bill Donahue, gosh darnit!

You Need Some Catholics Dealt With?
Edit:  We've been skeptical of Bill Donahue in the past.  Whether he's invoking hate crimes, or defending the USCCB, he can be counted on to be the Liberal crusader he truly is, although he does try to appear as the man in the middle. He has defended Cardinal Mahony in the past and he tends to resemble a beltway community organizer and professional Catholic than a defender of the Church's reputation he claims to be.  Bill Donahue is a professional activist who has defended politicizing prelates in the past.  Let's be clear.  Cardinal Wuerl crumbled to the the homosexual cabal and betrayed one of his priests just as we'd predicted he would.

Apart from looking at things from this artificial Left-Right continuum, Bill Donahue, who earns  $399,156  a year or so in his ACLU-like vocation, is looking out for the interests of Liberal prelates.  There's simply no way to defend what the disgraceful and traitorous behavior of the Cardinal, especially when he went behind the scenes to ask for Neumayr's dismissal  at the American Spectator for exercising his first amendment rights as a journalist telling the truth to boot.

Despite showing great sympathy, Father Guarnizo was censured and dismissed for simply doing his job for refusing communion to a lesbian Buddhist who confronted him in the rectory before a funeral Mass.  No thanks are forthcoming either to other professional Catholics, like Ed Peters, either.  Ed Peters joined in with other professional Catholics to besmirch the reputation and legitimacy of a great priest who was only doing his job and was well within his rights.

Maybe Ed Peters should resign?

Now, when a layman makes a stern but legitimate case against the furtive and vindictive ++Wuerl, who comes to the rescue, but the rainbow crusader, Bill Donaue!
Neumayr alleges that a priest in Cardinal Wuerl’s archdiocese was put on leave for denying communion to a lesbian at a funeral mass. His version has been contested by the Washington archdiocese [click here]: what led to the sanctions were “credible allegations” regarding the priest’s “intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others.” Even if Neumayr were right, his condemnation of Cardinal Wuerl in the vilest terms is inexcusable [How else are you going to describe how ++Wuerl sent his priest down the river on behalf of a Marxist agit-prop campaign?].
Neumayr says Wuerl is one of those “cufflinked cardinals” who “worry not about punishment in the next world but slights in this one”; their goal, he says, is to curry favor with the “Pretty People.” Worse, he has the audacity to put the cardinal on notice, exclaiming that “Wuerl can only earn the red of his rich robes through a willingness to endure the blood of Jesus Christ’s martyrdom.” Neumayr is not above wallowing in the dirt: he refers to the Washington archbishop as “Wuerl the girl.”  [Maybe you're overreacting, and misrepresenting him a bit Bill in your desire to do a hit piece?  He actually cites several insiders he knows who calls +Wuerl that.]  And in his latest screed, he comes completely unhinged when he charges that Cardinal Wuerl has “exposed the Holy Eucharist to sacrilege.”
I have never met George Neumayr, but it is clear that he is a right-wing fanatic, [You're a leftist shill, apparently] a man whose dogmatism is as scary as the authoritarians on the left. [The only thing that scares me is your ability to change sides on a moment's notice and muddy up the waters.]  On the other hand, I have known Cardinal Wuerl for about 25 years, [That's worrisome indeed] and I have nothing but respect for him. [Interesting admission, we're going to hold you on that, Mr. CDL activi$t]  When I was a professor in Pittsburgh, it was Pittsburgh Bishop Donald Wuerl who got me involved in the Catholic League. Unlike those who hit below the belt and then claim victim status (Neumayr says Noguchi’s phone call to TAShas created “troubles” for him), Wuerl is a real man. That’s the kind of person I like, not the girly-type who hit-and-run and then whine when confronted.


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List of ++Wuerl's Apparent Failings:

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Dan said...

Now I finally, at long last, realize the truth: Mr Donohue is a jerk.

That is not intended as a one-line cheap shot. He is a jerk; he embodies the very essence of that word.

Tancred said...

I would include him with Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers, Mark Shea, Deacon Kandra (And increasingly Ed Peters) as a pack of the usual suspects who downplay Episcopal dissidents and crimes while attacking faithful Bishops and priests.

Much of the time I've found their ideas and notions as unCatholic, but their definition of obedience is certainly not Catholic.

Anonymous said...

I have no use or Bill Donahue after he praises 'Cardinal' Donna Wuerl. Wuerl is a corrupt priest elevated to a CARDINAL! Is the Church going mad? Wuerl is a homosexual who the gay community in Pittsburgh called, 'DONNA WUERL'.