Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alleged Predator Subprior of Monastery Retreats to Homosexual Haven

Edit: Is it true that Liturgical abuse is worse than the homosexual sexual abuse of minors? It's more often than not the case that a homosexual predator is also a dissident from Catholic teachings and commits sacrileges against the sacred things of the Catholic Church.
Rebel Nuns Playing Priestess

This was reported by Pine Curtain.

Well, the Subprior of St. John's Monastery in Collegeville is retreating to a place that doesn't agree with the Church's teachings on homosexuality, divorce or women priests.

 Brother Paul Richards has been a singular presence at St. John's in Collegeville for over 20 years.since 1979.  He has an extensive back ground in music, training students in voice.  In 2007, he stepped down as director of the choir in 2007 and is now the Subprior, desipte a recent accusation.

 This accusation, the substance of which is unclear,  has caused him to be put on leave, but the Abbey website still identifies him as Subprior on their website  Obviously, that doesn't prevent a credibly accused monk from continuing to represent the Catholic Church as Father Francisco Schulte does, or from travelling abroad without any supervision at all.  Monks who have been credibly accused are allegedly put on "restriction" but it appears that this is only related to certain areas of the University Campus and the athletic facilities.  This restriction doesn't prevent them from misrepresenting Catholic teachings, committing Liturgical abuses or traveling to Chicago, for example.

The Abbey does enough to cover itself legally and life goes on for the alleged predators much as before.

If they appear unconcerned about homosexual monks potential for future crimes against the students at Collegeville, they are even less concerned about doctrinal and Liturgical violations.

Brother Paul Richards claims that he needs to find himself, and to have a break, so he's going to a fake Monastery called Holy Wisdom, where those who disagree with the Church's teachings on sexual morality and authority can feel at home.   He joins there the former President of the heretical University of Collegeville, Father Koopman, also a musical educator.

DetractorsSyte Reitz, a member of Madison’s Cathedral Parish who blogs about Catholic issues, said disaffected Catholics are free to start their own churches, but they shouldn’t confuse people by suggesting they still are faithful Catholics.
 “Does it matter whether they are errant Catholics or not Catholics?” asks Reitz. “No matter what we label them, the laws of right and wrong and of morality still stand, and they and others will suffer from the mistakes that they make.”
 Reitz said because a male priest is not presiding over the Eucharist, the bread is not being turned into the body of Christ, thus depriving attendees of the Catholic Church’s central sacrament.


Anonymous said...

St. John's should be sold and converted to a Gay Summer Resort.

Elizabeth D said...

I live in Madison and am familiar with the story of "Holy Wisdom Monastery", a place where Bishop Morlino forbids for Mass to be celebrated or the Eucharist to be reserved, in order that Catholics may not be confused (because it used to be a Catholic Benedictine Monastery). Catechism classes and the like are forbidden from visiting there. They have some sort of "ecumenical" service on Sundays, simulating the Eucharist. Although I know people who used to visit this place when it was a real monastery, no one I know goes there anymore. The whole affair is quite sad.

Tancred said...

St. John's represents a substantial investment of capital, but like many nominally Catholic communities, it's elderly, childless and decadent.

St. John's got four postulants in 2011, but lost four in 2012. Maybe the circus performer they brought on to be Vocations director will have to do a lot more work to reverse the demographic collapse of their Liberal boondoggle?

I hope these young men who've committed themselves to this sinking ship, if they are orthodox and of good will, seek a true Benedictine formation at Clear Creek instead of St. John's.

Anonymous said...

St. Johns seems to be one of those places menoupausal men contemplating their lives go to seek a solace. I picture an early 60s divorced man estranged from his children going on a "serenity retreat" from AA. There, a nice priest will tell him that it is more important to be "spiritual" rather than to be a practicing catholic.