Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Record Numbers Catholic of Seminarians in Muslim Country

(Jakarta) In central Java, a part of Indonesia, in which there are strong radical tendencies registering among the population, the Catholic Church is experiencing a substantial increase in vocations.  The Jesuit led seminary of St. Peter Canisius in Mertoyudan has recorded a record number of candidates to the priesthood.  The largest part of the 250 seminarians come from the Diocese of Semarang.  The seminary celebrates in 2012 its  100th year since founding.

On the island of Java there is a seminary and three junior seminaries in Wacana Bhakti, in Garum and in Yogyakarta.  In the academic year 
 2011/2012, 256 young Indonesian Catholics are preparing for the priesthood  in the previous year 225, 2009/2010 198 and 2008/2009 there were 166. The Diocesan Bishop Msgr. Julianus Sunarka, himself a Jesuit, has shown himself pleased.

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