Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polish Conference President: Freemasonry Without and Divisions Within the Church

The President of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Jozef Michalik:  "We are seeing how the Church is being targeted, as various libertarian, atheistic and Free masonic circles are attacking."

Przemysl (kath.net/KNA)  Poland's Catholic Church is being driven to the wall, in the opinion of the president of its Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Jozef Michalik. "We are seeing how the Church is being targeted, as various libertarian, atheistic and Freemasonic circles are attacking," said a critical Michalik in a Pastoral Letter for Lent this Monday.

Even the "government institutions", which are actually promoting pluralism in the media, have finally "discriminated" against a Catholic television station. Michalik said, with a glance at the denial of a digital license for "Trwam", the TV broadcaster of the conservative "Radio Maryja", that the conscience of the nation is becoming focused. There are attacks on the Catholics that do not fall on liberal TV broadcasters and print media.

Much more dangerous in the Archbishop's estimation are "divisions within the Church".  Spiritual superiors and even Bishops have refused to obey.  Michalike did not name names in his pastoral letter.  The text should be available at a reading in the coming Sunday at Liturgies in the southeast Polish Diocese of Przemysl.

A spectacle concerns perhaps the Priest Piotr Natanek from the Diocese of Krakow.  He campaigned massively for the introduction as Jesus as King of Poland and called upon, despite warnings from the Catholic Church leaders, "the Knights of Christ the King".  The Krakow Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz had forbidden Natanek,  to celebrate Masses any longer or hear confessions.

The denial of a digital frequency for "Trwam"  has strained the relationship for weeks between the Church and the conservative-liberal government.  More than a million Poles signed, according to the TV broadcaster, a letter of protest to the Broadcasting Authority.  They refused the license because of the supposed financial instability of the broadcaster.  The membrs of the Broadcasting Authority are responsible to both chambers of Parliament and the State President.  Besides "Trwam" four other TV broadcasters with licenses have failed

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