Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Patriarch Kyrill Describes Putin as "Wonder" for Orthodoxy

(Moscow) He did not do it, in order to meet Western observers, nor to meet together in a discussion with his promoters about the office of the State President of the Russian Federation. But he took some time on the 8th of February to take some "time off" of the business of government to meet with the religious leaders of Russia. As Vladimir Putin's press speaker said, the religious leaders support his candidacy.

The meeting took place officially on the invitation of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, in the DAnilow Monaster, which is the seat of the Patriarch of Moscow. Patriarch Kyrill described the era of Putin as a "wonder". In the Monastery there were gathered with Putin in the congress, the members of the "traditional religions" of Russia, who were held to be the Orthodox, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists, as also the "non-Traditional Religions", which consisted of the Catholics, Armenians and various Christian denominations.

Patriarch Kyrill "blessed" the political ambitions of the Russian Prime Minister. Putin is "the candidate, with the greatest view, to translate the office of state through his candidature," said Kyrill.

The Moscow Patriarch supported the 2011 demonstrations against election fraud during the parliamentary elections. He is since of the opinion that Putin is the most qualified man on to be at the head of Russia, in order to lead the land, who had been during the last twelve years for the Orthodox Church in Russia, "a wonder". Vladimir Putin was State President from 2000-2008 and has occupied since then the office of Prime Minister.

Also Russians Chief Rabbi Berel Lazr supported a third term of office for Putin, as he had opposed the anti-government protests of the last two months. He was quoted as saying; "The fact that the demonstrations always happen on Saturday shows that it has nothing to do with Jewish issues."

At the same time support comes from the Muslims from the mouth of the President of the Mufti's Council, Ravil Gainutdin, who said of Putin, "The Muslims know him and trust him. They wish him success."

The meeting in Danilow Monstery was critiized by the opposition.
Text: Asianews/Giuseppe Nardi Bild: Asianews


Anonymous said...

I am aware that this is nothing but personal "feelings" but I was stabbed to the very heart by reading that the "traditional" religions of Russia are said to be the Orthodox, Muslims, Jews and Buddhist - none of which are the Original Religion of that country. The actual, true, original religion of Russia is Catholicism, despite Orthodox views to the contrary, and to have the true Church merely delegated to the level of religions that are barely tolerated is both insulting and heart-breaking.

Yes, the schism in Russia is ancient. We know that the break with Rome happened quite early in the nation's history and that Orthodoxy has become by virtue of historical precedent the religion of most of these people. But that has been the tragedy of this great country for over a millenia, and it has led to a distorted kind of nationalism which sees Orthodoxy and Russia in an often precarious position with each other.

But God will one day end this horrible mess and our dearly beloved Orthodox brothers, who are the closest to us in all things religious, will reunite with the Vicar of Christ and when that happens all history will rejoice. They so much need us, and we so much need them. Dom Geuranger has gone so far as to state that when the Orthodox come back home to the unity of the Faith that even the Muslims will begin to convert. A dream perhaps? I don't think so, and if we think about that we start looking at the Fatima story in a new and interesting light.

Putin is an interesting man and I hope that he is what he seems to be. If I could somehow talk to him (highly unlikely) I would urge him to be cautious in his political dealings with a power-mad USA and to be cautious in his religious dealings with non-Christians. Diplomacy is one thing, but elevating Buddhists and Jews and other false religions to prominence will never be a solution to the troubles of that country which the Blessed Mother loves so much. It is she, and the Church her Son founded, who will lead holy Russia out of darkness. I wish Mr Putin would see that.

Anonymous said...

This comment is both fallacious, as well as insulting. Catholi-schism (as it exists today) originated in 1054, with Cardinal Humbert's actions against his (heretofore) brethren, the Greek Catholics i.e., Orthodox. Mandating the heretical filioque as normative, the use of azymes, mandatory celibacy, all of it is a departure from the Original, patristic praxis. The ONLY church Jesus Christ founded is the Catholic AND Orthodox church… of which Rome is NOT, as she stands today. - Fr. John+

Tancred said...

Moscow was in union with the true Church til 1254 when it finally abandoned it.