Friday, February 17, 2012

Legioniares of Christ: New General Vicar Father Sylvester Heereman

Editor: perhaps it might be thought that Germans are just better at running the Church?

Drumbeat: The papal deligate has named a new General Vicar and a new member of the General Council of the Legion of Christ.

Rome ( beats for the Legion of Christ: Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the Papal Delegate for the Legion of Christ, has named the 37-year old Father Sylvester Heeremann LC as the new General Vicar of the Congregation of the General Congregation and the Apostolic Movement Movement Regnum Christi on Thursday. On the same day Father Deomar De Guedes LC as another member of the General Council of the Congregation. The both replace P. Luis Garza LC and P. Francisco Mateos LC had submitted their resignations. Sylvester Heereman was the territorial director for the Legionare's of Christ in German speaking areas.
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