Wednesday, February 22, 2012

German Supreme Court Acquits Bishop Williamson of Sedition

Update: In well over a month, the paranoid  Regensburg Chief prosecutor, Wolfhard Meindl, will continue a second complaint against Bishop Richard Williamson.  This was threatened by the 'Katholschen Nachrictenagentur' [KNA].  The complaint will involve again the supposed sedition.  It still allows, however, new charges in the same case.  Do German courts really allow double jeopardy?

Edit: apparently the Black Scare is being checked in Germany's highest court somewhat as Bishop Williamson is acquitted of sedition. It wasn't clear that he had intended his remarks for a wider audience in Germany.
Bishop Williamson at Pilgrimage
 in Fulda, 2006

The German muzzle-justice system, condemned throughout the world, must save what there is to save.  They have given the brave British have given absolute justice.

(kreuznet, Munich) The Supreme Court in Nürnberg have discontinued legal proceedings against British Hero Bishop Richard Williamson.

This was reported by the Court's press office on Wednesday.

Msgr Williamson had -- supposedly-- effected only an act of preparation.

It is being handled as "a (still) not punishable conduct" -- says the press office.

In order for a charge of sedition, Msgr Williamson would have had to express himself in public or to a gathering.

The criminal division stressed that the judgment does not testify that the historical inquiries are legal in muzzle-Germany.

The German Media Bosses are the Seditious Ones

The Regensburg Court did not specify in its verdict in which manner and where exactly in Germany the Bishop's interview had been published.

The evidence, therefore the facts of the case, were not adequately demonstrated.

It says only, that Msgr Williamson had to have understood that the interview also concerned Germany .  (Despite it being in English]

On the contrary, it was never explained, how and where there was any exception to giving a public interview for broadcast in Germany.

The Media Bosses Are Blamed

The State Prosecutor could, given the same facts of the case still make formal charges.

Then the whole case could be rolled out again.

The blameworthy German media bosses are interpreting the free speech as a "error of proceedure".

Muzzle-Justice From the Pressure of the Media Bosses

Regensburg Court had charged Bishop Williamson with a fine of 10,000 Euro.

The State Court confirmed the judgment and lowered the fine to 6,500 Euro.

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