Thursday, January 5, 2012

Will Incoming Anglicans be Permitted in the Catholic Church who Believe in Injustice

Edit: the Catholic Church apparently allows people like at NCR to make a lot of money based on their affiliation with the name Catholic when they don't themselves believe its doctrines, so why not?

[NCR] The Vatican has created a new "Ordinariate" for disaffected Episcopalians who come over to the Catholic church. Most of the disaffected Episcopalians are unhappy with the ordination of women as priests and bishops, the welcoming of openly gay/lesbian clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions. Many of them believe that such practices violate the basic teachings of Christianity.

As I read such stories, I understand all the ecclesial reasons for this move, and I'm happy that former Episcopal priests can remain married as they make the move. I just wish we'd extend the same right to our own Catholic priests.

And I have nothing against Episcopalians (or anyone) choosing to join the Catholic church. I think we need an open door.

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Mike Brainerd said...

Many years ago when I was in grammar school the good Sisters of St Joseph instructed us that if we were looking for a book on religion we should always check for the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur on the copyright page. This would insure that what we would be reading would be consistent with Catholic teaching on faith and morals. Perhaps an internet version of this could be developed so as to be a guide for the faithful as to which of the thousands of websites claiming to be "Catholic" are consistent with magisterial teaching and which are not. It could be something that websites could apply for, submitting their content for review by their own diocesan censors.

Tancred said...

You're talking about an organization that can't even get compliance from its Bishops on fundamental issues like birth control and abortion. In order for what you're describing to take place, the Church is going to have to have better followership on the part of its own leaders.

It never ceases to amaze me how priests, educators and even Bishops, who are generally poor at obedience themselves, expect others to obey them in return.

Do liberal Bishops really think they can continue the course they're on now indefinitely with impunity? I think they believe that people are really stupid, and in a sense they're right. Most people don't care if the Bishop doesn't really believe in the Catholic Church's teachings on abortion, but they do care about having their own vanities served, and you don't need to have any integrity to service those needs. Actually, you just have to tell most of the laity that they're good people even if they don't obey the Church on abortion, birth control or divorce.