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Victim of the Council: He was the First on a Long List

We recommend for your prayers the peaceful rest of Fr. Yves Jamin. He fell asleep on the 17th of January in Our Lady of Rafflay, well in the care of the Sacraments of our Holy Church. He was in his 82nd year of life.
( Yves was a clergyman who remained true to tradition. He was among the first priests driven from his parish after the Second Vatican Council.

He distinguished himself by 57 years in the priesthood.

Fr. Yves Jarmin was born on 31. Januar 1930 in the 3500 population village La Bruffière in the Vendée in northwest France. The village belonged to the Diocese of Luçon.

He entered the seminary of Luçon.

On 28. Juni 1955 he was ordained there as a priest.

A long history

Finally, he was named as a vicar, first in Sables d’Olonne, then in Meilleraie, and finally in Ile d'Yeu.

Then he was a professor in Notre Dame de Luçon, vicar in Fougere as well as a spiritual director for the Religious Sisters in Bourgenay.

On 12. Juli 1969 he was named as pastor of St. Hillaire le Vouhis.

There he began what was for him a long history.

Brainwashing by the Council's madmen

Fr. Jamin cared for his faithful, preached the Faith and distributed the Sacraments.

He had to fight in order to protect tradition in his parish.

He felt unable to endure the brainwashing techniques of his Deanery and felt himself isolated.

For that reason he was tried in that moment to withdraw himself to a contemplative vocation.

But he recognized in this a temptation and chose instead to fight for the Faith.

He was dismissed

After five years in Saint-Hilaire le Vouhis, a year exchanging letters on dogma with Bishop Charles Paty († 2004) of Luçon, after physical attackings against himself and threats against his person, he was dismissed on the 25th of June 1974.

He was first in a long list.

The journalist Jean Madiran supported him in his literary periodical ‘Itinéraires’ -- as well as the Prelate François Ducaud-Bourget († 1984), then Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

In the year 1975 he built a barn in Braconnerie -- in which he could continue his service in the community Saint Martin de Noyers.

His work in the service of the healing of souls could continue to develop there.

After difficulties with the owners of the barn, Fr. Jamin left Braconnerie in 1987.

He found in Sigornais at the Launay estate, an improvised accomodation. The castle is the property of the Society of St. Pius X.

The consecration of the Chapel of our Lady of the Rosary was celebrated on 8. Juli 1990 by Father Paul Aulagnier -- the District Superior of the French District of the Society -- in the presence of numerous faithful.

At this opportunity he desired that the chapel be raised to the status of a Priory of the Society of St. Pius X.

The Society Adopts

Fr. Jamin was active for sixteen years in Fournils.

He took a few steps back from this service and gave the property to the Society.

In the year 2005 he moved himself back to the Little Sisters of Rafflay in the 2800 population Château-Thébaud.

There by the went to the love of God on 17. Januar 2012

Now there are two priests there
The chapel in Fournils attached to a priory in Nantes for a duration of five years.

On the 31st of October 2010 -- Feast of Christ the King -- Father Régis de Cacqueray, the French District Superior, officially established two priests o at the place.

That was the crowning of long years of fidelity for a pastor in the fight for tradition.

Fr. Jamins burial Mass will be today on Saturday, the 21st of Januar um 10:00 in the Chapel of Fournils, celebrated by Father Régis Cacqueray.

After that the burial will take place at the family plot in La Bruffière.
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