Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seattle's Jesuit Perversity Chapel

Edit: we cited an abstract creche earlier, which was on "display" in Los Angeles recently thanks to the Archdiocese there. [Reported on AQ as ‘Haute Sphere’ Nativity artwork debuts at Cathedral ] Although we got a new ordinary, it seems as though Cardinal Mahony never left.

Deacon Candy says it looks like a family portrait of the Jettsons. Well, it can be anything you want, and that's the principle of abstract art. It's a solvent to true culture, to family and religion. It actually makes a mockery of the real spiritual aspirations which possess true artists to design beautiful things. Here's another thing. It's a perversity chapel.

It's been built by one of the most evil and corrupt Jesuit Provinces in the Western World, and that's saying something.

The definition of perverse from Merriam Webster: obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable, or accepted : wrongheaded.

Despite the fact that non-Catholics were more inspired by Catholic art and literature before church officials attempted to undermine Catholicism, this architect is being paid good money to basically put his own personal agnosticism into stone as an official representation of Catholic art with the blessing of a supposedly Catholic organization.
Father Cobb: Non-Catholics might be consoled to know that in 1995 we asked Steven Holl to design a chapel that would be “engaging for people of all faiths or no faith or faith-under-crisis.” The poet Rilke once advised that when people disappoint you, you should turn to nature because nature will not disappoint you, and I feel something similar about the Catholic Church. When it disappoints you, which is likely to be every day, you can turn to places such as the chapel where God’s saving presence seems tangible and life-giving.
Link to Seattle's new "Catholic" Diversity Chapel.... It's so bad that even Mark Shea gets it.

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