Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long-time Dissident Priest Faces "Suspension" if He Speaks His Mind

Edit: Catholic Culture cites a local anti-clerical newspaper in Minneapolis, the 'Star Tribune', which states laughably:

It is also uncommon for bishops to suspend priests for failing to abide by Catholic teaching.
Father Tegeder, who's been attacking the company policy of the Catholic Church and undermining its bottom line throughout his priestly career has been said to have been "warned".

Tegeder would more likely face suspension for defending the Catholic Faith and teaching it than he will if he challenges the Archbishop, and it's a certainty that he will.

It's interesting to compare Father Tegeder's Luciferian disobedience and contempt for authority with Father Oblinger of Augsburg's docility even to the apparently unjust treatment of his own ordinary.  It's still more interesting to note that Liberal Bishops, of whom there is no shortage, are eager to silence, destroy and marginalize conservative clergy for the slightest provocation, or none at all, while they allow those who flaunt authority to run amok.

UPDATE:  Of course, NCR is proudly indicating that he is "holding his ground".  Any bets as to whether he'll be suspended?

In a recent piece in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, he was quoted as saying the marriage amendment campaign is "not the way to support marriage. If we want to support marriage, there are wonderful things we can do as Catholic churches and ministers. We should not be focused on beating up a small number of people who have this desire to have committed relationships."

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