Saturday, January 28, 2012

Critic of Vatican II Made Apostolic Protonotary

Bishop of Regensburg Congratulates with Personal Letter

Edit: after his scathing attack on Cardinal Kasper, and being passed over for a Cardinal's hat, he is to be a Apostolic Protonotary. Whether it is a functional or purely honorific title, we don't know. The following is an exclusive about the brilliant Prelate receiving a letter from the Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, rather than his own superior in the ultra Liberal Diocese of Mainz by Mr. Benjamin Greschner at 'kathnews.'

Mainz (kathnews-exklusiv) Already in December kathnews made an exclusive report that the naming of Dr. Georg May as Apostolic Protonotary would take place in the near future. The naming should, as kathnews learned from a reliable source, on the recommendation of Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg and not, as it consequently would be, on the recommendation of the Diocesan Bishop, in whose Diocese the candidate is incardinated, respectively is active -- in this case it SHOULD [emphasis ours] have been Cardinal Karl Lehmann as Bishop of Mainz. Now the kathnews-editor has received an exclusive letter from the Bishop of Regensburg, with which it congratulates Professor May officially on his naming as Apostolic Protonotary and the approach of the Papal letter of appointment.

Promoting the unabridged Catholic Faith

In his writings to Professor Dr. May, Bishop Dr. Gerhard Ludwig Müller explained that it was a "honor and a joy" for him to inform him about the coming Papal certificate of appointment. Finally, the Bishop went into the engagement and life work of the Professor. "For this high distinction, with which the Church values your decades long academic and pastoral efforts, your outstanding sentire cum ecclesia and bringing to expression your conscientious pronouncement of the unabridged Catholic Faith, I warmly congratulate you," wrote Bishop Gerhad Ludwig Müller.

Strengthening of Tradition in Germany

The naming of Professor May as Apostolic Protonotary is combined with a tremendous signal victory for ecclesiastical Tradition in Germany. May has been highly prized for many yeas as an incisive critic of the post-Conciliar development in Theology and Liturgy and is counted among the greatest friends and promoters of the Liturgical Tradition in the Church. On the side of the Diocese of Mainz there has been no official statement on the naming of Georg Mays as Apostolic Protonotary.

Professor May: A Life for the Church

After the Second World War Georg May studied Theology and Philosophy. On the 1st of May 1951 he received the Sacrament of Holy Orders for the Archdiocese of Breslau [Wrocław]. Other studies followed in which the priest graduated and was certified as a PhD. His teaching activity began at the University of Freiburg, ere he took the chair for Canon Law at the University of Johannes Guttenburg in 1960, he undertook civil law and Ecclesiastical Legal History. Since 1994, Professor May occupied this chair.
Click here to look at the letter by his Lordship.
Coming soon, some personal comments in an interview with Mr. Greschner.


  1. I think it would be fair to say that the Bishop of Mainz, not in Catholic Bavaria where Regensburg is located, is not friendly to traditionalists.

    Wiki sez that the title is purely honorary, but I would imagine that the rear guard of the aging liberal dissidents entered a new page in their list of complaints about Popes since 1978.

  2. Neither of them are friendly to Traditionalists.

    The title isn't always purely honorary, but I suspect this one is. Still, it's nothing to sneeze at.

    Msgr. Georg May is one of the great lions of orthodoxy.