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Bishop of Trier Says Indulgences Frustrate Ecumenism

Edit: The Holy Robe is a Catholic sacramental.  The local ordinary of the Imperial City of Trier doesn't mind people visiting the Robe, even on a pilgrimage, but he draws the line at indulgences.  They're too Catholic and will impede the ecumenism, he cries.

Msgr. Stefan Ackermann is hardening himself in his scandalous decision to deny the faithful an indulgence. At the same time he is digging himself in behind Protestants and Old Liberal wobbly believers.

Bischof Stephan Ackermann
© Pressedienst Bistum Trier

(kreuz.net, Trier)Bishop Stefan Ackermann of Trier is standing by. At the pilgrimage to the Holy Robe on the 13th of April to the 5th of May, there will be no special indulgence.

The speaker of the Diocese, Stephan Kronenburg, in a written answer to convert and Catholic bloggerette, Barbara Wenz.

The response was published on the site 'elsalaska.twoday.net'. Msgr Ackermann has "abstained" from requesting an indulgence from the Pope.

The justifications, which the Bishop makes known through Kronenburg, have a lot to offer.

The Protestants Don't have such considerations

The possibility of an indulgence was "for the efforts of an ecumenical formation of the pilgrimage, a stone of contention" -- moralized Kronenburg.

He waxed nostalgically about the 16th Century: The teachings about indulgences are a central point of division in ecumenism.

The participation of Protestants on the pilgrimage was welcomed by the press speaker as the "highest good".

This could be supposedly endangered by a supposedly "undue stress on theologically controversial and polemical" themes -- what is meant is the fundamentally Catholic teaching on indulgences.

Initially on the 21st of January -- without any concern for false ecumenism -- their homosexual preachers promoted sodomy, which cries to heaven for vengeance, in their house of prayer in Saxony.

Misunderstanding is the Criterion

Kronenburg's second "justification" is still more painful:

"It is also the case that even among Catholic faithful, the practice of indulgence and the piety associated with it is not just uncommon, but increasingly misunderstood."

Actually: The same goes for the Holy Rock, or revolves around the office of the Bishop of Trier.

The two could be disposed of with indulgences.

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