Thursday, January 19, 2012

Augsburg Bishop Silences Loyal Priest

Edit:  It looks like a conservative priest is being silenced, again, by his Diocese while the radicals are allowed to run wild.  Could this priest be a German, FatherZ?

The desire of the left media bosses has come to pass: Pastor Georg Alois Oblingger must cease his work at the opposition 'Junge Freiheit" [Young Freedom] according to a notification from the Diocese.

(  Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg is forbidding Pastor Georg Alois Oblingger of Ichenhausen to write for the opposition Berlin weekly 'Junge Freiheit'.

This was according to the news 'Augsburger Allgemeine'.

The population 8.400 city of Ichenhausen lays in the Swabian district of Günzburg.

An Active Clergyman

Fr. Oblingger teaches as several schools in the district -- among others at the St. Thomas Gymnasium in Wettenhausen and the middle school of Ichenhausen.

Additionally he has written regularly for years at 'Junge Freiheit'.

Msgr Zdarsa has just forbidden this.

He can write for dirty Spiegel?

The clergyman has been admonished not to publish any more for 'Junge Freiheit', explained the speaker for the Dicoese, Markus Kremser.

The Bishop has already informed the priest with his decree on the 16th of December.

The muzzle also applies to "other publications".

Fr Oblingger has been active as a regular columnist for 'Junge Freiheit' since  2002.

Comparable measures against Old Liberals are unknown.

Fr. Oblingger should write in other newspapers -- says Kremeser.

There are more talks he has to give in the future -- the censer said, trying to justify himself.

The reasons for these measures were not made known.

It is unclear if the Diocese was offended by a certain text by the clergyman or in the general work of 'Jungen Freiheit'.

Against the countless anti-church media and clergy in his Diocese, Msgr Zdarsa had nothing to say.

Fr. Oblingger will bow

Pastor Oblingger denied obligatory suggestions by 'Augsburer Allgemein', that the 'Junge Freiheit' itself moves to the borders of right extremism:

"The Junge Freiheit is clearly in the realm of Democracy."

The crime of the newspaper: they don't sing in the choir of the antifascist-neonazi media bosses.

Fr. Oblingger is going to obey the decree from the Diocese, "understandably".

"Obedience begins at the point where I disagree."

That is where the Church stops also in this case.

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HV Observer said...

Actually, I think the bishop may be right on this one.

It's Wikipedia to the rescue again! See here:

It appears that JF is associated with the Free Democratic party (FDP), which is the more libertarian of the main German political parties. In other words, Father Oblinger is writing for a political party newspaper. That's a lot different from "Father Z," whose blog is his own.

But it gets better.

Under the "People" section (at the end), one of JF's contributors is said to be -- Rolf Hochhuth! Yes, that Rolf Hochhuth. Of "The Deputy" fame -- the play that defamed Pope Pius XII.

Score one for the bishop, I'm afraid.

Tancred said...

Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete writes for the New York Times and James Martin SJ regularly appears on the Colbert Report. Both of those organizations are fairly liberal and even hostile to the Church but no one seems to mind that, lease of all their superiors.

I'm guessing that if a priest, like FatherZ, were having what is considered an undue effect on the way people vote for Republican candidates, there would be some consideration.

FatherZ does often support Republicans and "conservative" talk-show hosts like Hugh Hewitt, for example, so the analogy isn't totally out of whack.