Thursday, December 22, 2011

News: Protestants Shrinking Three Times Faster in Germany

The Crib Has a Cross

Vatican. At yesterday's General Audience, the Pope warned against a secularization of Christmas and urged a move away from externals in favor of a return to religion

Interpret the humiliation of Christ in the manger to his suffering and death on the cross as well.

"Progressive" Protestant Church is Getting Progressively More Insignificant

The results of a survey of the Heidelberg 'Sinus Institute' with 2000 people over 14 show that among the Protestants, 3.2 percent want to discontinue their church membership, while there are only 1.6 percent among Catholics
The study does not explain why the "progressive" Protestant church has more reported more departures.[Perhaps it's because of the rampant sex abuse in the Lutheran church?]

Protestants act hypocritically

"Obviously, that the German Evangelical Christianity in many cases was more dogmatic and ethical at first, left shared Roman Catholic Church beliefs behind them, and since then have made adjustments to the spirit of the times, and has not resisted secularization.

Who but simultaneously rejected what was in common and demanded more community, is contradictory, not to say hypocritical. Compared to today, our churches in the sixteenth (and to the nineteenth) century, despite fierce controversy in their dogmatic and ethical foundations, were much closer together ecumenically.

From an article of the evangelical theologian and former lay military Bishop, Hartmut Lion, with the title "A misconception. A review of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. in Erfurt," in the monthly journal 'Political Opinion' in December.

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