Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens is Dead

Edit: Christopher Hitchens was a Marxist who made a career of pulling the wool over the eyes of self-styled conservative Republicans.  Get ready for sickening eulogists by "conservatives" who wish to praise him for his alleged brilliance and fairness.

While Hitchens enjoyed attacking people for having heroes with ideologies he didn't agree with, or attacking the idea that there was a God and the people who believed in Him, he came close to worshiping figures who espoused the Marxist ideology and were capable of committing heinous acts of cowardice himself.  Here he is praising his murderous hero, Che Guevara in a way that can only be described as hagiography.


Unknown said...

Nobody else is pointing that out. Huzzah!

Unknown said...

For a guy that maybe 1% of the population knew his name, it seems that entire 1% is writing eulogies.

Douglas Duarte said...

Having done the interview you ripped off on your website, I can assure you that claim could not the farthest from the truth. A bit of ear for irony would be at hand, my dear.

Douglas Duarte

Tancred said...

Property is theft, Comrade.