Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attorney Sees Evil Catholic Witch-Hunters in US Bankruptcy Court

Edit: It could have been from the pages of the Onion. Or, what if Dan Brown wrote for the Onion? Yet, one of Minnesota's most celebrated attorneys lashed out against Catholic representatives of a Minnesota US Bankruptcy court last month on behalf of her client Yehud-Monosson USA Inc, which manages properties in Wisconsin.

She referred to them as "dirty Catholics" and "witch hunters" in a truly amazing display that would have been a professional death sentence if she'd been railing against a protected group. It actually brings back the legal attacks by the National Socialists in the 30s where Catholic priests and faithful were regarded with precisely the same outrageous language.

At one point, she insisted, while trying to get the Bankruptcy hearing done in New York, that the Judge sending her client to Minnesota would be like sending a Jew to a concentration camp. The Judge disagreed and sent her and her client to Minnesota.

What followed was a spiteful rant against Catholics which, had it been directed at virtually any other minority group, would have met with immediate termination.

At least one man at the usually anti-Catholic, St. Paul Pioneer Press had some courage to point this out.

By David Hanners
Updated: 11/30/2011 10:37:03 PM CST

In the sedate and sober world of bankruptcy law, one lawyer's memorandum sticks out like a sore loser.

"Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church," the Nov. 25 filing said.

It went on to call one bankruptcy judge "a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter," said one trustee was "a priest's boy" and claimed another trustee is a "Jesuitess."

It got worse from there.

Hastings lawyer Rebekah Nett also called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher and other court personnel "dirty Catholics." Then she expressed concerns over what might transpire at a hearing docketed for next week, writing, "Catholic deeds throughout the history have been bloody and murderous."

People who spend their time writing and reading legal documents were stunned.

Link to Saint Paul Pioneer Press...

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