Monday, December 26, 2011

80 Percent of German Catholics no Longer Believe in God

Edit: sounds like Germany has more serious problems than the SSPX.

If it is the case that  80 percent of all German Catholics no longer believe in a personal God, then the alarm bells should be ringing.  Or if it can be said that 70 percent of Christians in Germany no longer believe in the Resurrection of the dead, then these alarm bells are ringing shrilly."  Bishop William Schramle said that he is duly concerned more women in service of the church, but are denied n interview with the 'Passauer Neuen Presse'.   The expression about the alarm bells is a euphemism.  That is closer to a declaration of bankruptcy, when one considers above all, that a remaining 20 percent remaining also do not believe in the entirety of Catholic teaching.

Furthermore Bishof Schraml is eager to include more women in the service of the Church, but forbids their admission into the sacramental offices.  He even had the courage to use the word apostasy in refererence to Hans  Küng's proposals for priestless Eucharists -- and saying the words of consecration together.

From the German District Website...

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Anonymous said...

There was something similar written in of all places "Readers' Digest" some years ago about the belief or lack thereof amongst US ministers of religion, so the result of the poll isn't too surprising.
We appear to be at a watershed of history, as significant or perhaps more so than the transition from the Medieval Age to the Renaissance.