Monday, November 21, 2011

FSSP Comes to Minnesota?

Father John Echert, Pastor of Holy Trinity and St. Augustine churches in So. St. Paul, has invited The Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), the Very Rev. John Berg to offer the 11:30 Traditional Latin Mass at the Church of St. Augustine (408 3rd St. N. in So. St. Paul) on the 27th of November. The Fraternity of St. Peter is an international priestly fraternity established by Pope John Paul II to provide the traditional Mass and Sacraments to Catholics around the world under the provisions established by the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei.

There will be a reception for Father Berg in the church hall immediately after Mass, at which time he will also offer a brief presentation on the general mission of the Fraternity of St. Peter. So please--tell your friends and family members, forward this email to your Catholic contacts, pray for the success of this event, and mark your calendars for the 27th of November.

Argument of the Month
408 3rd Street North
South Saint Paul, MN

Some may remember this parish as the site of a possible Eucharistic Miracle.

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ssoldie said...

We a group have asked our Bishop Kettler to invite the F.F.S.P. into our Diocese as we need more of the Traditional Latin Mass priest. We do not have priest in this diocese who are able to pray the T.L.M. The last priest who did was 93 and was at Sacred Heart Parish in Flensburg he had to travel quite a way to get from his parish to Flensburg every and always heard confession's before and after Mass, and when he couldn't drive any more ,the wonderful family's would see that he got there. I counted 22 alter boys when they were all together. That was due to the McCoy family who were instrumental in obtaining for us this "most beautiful thing this side of heaven".The training of alter boy's and one of the most beautiful choir's, I have ever heard, I use to e-mail Fr Z and invite him up to our Sunday T.L.M. to hear. Even sent one of my CD up to Duluth to Fr.Hastings to hear. The only other priest who are able are Fr Holmes and one other older priest, Fr. Holmes just retired, but he has to travel to St Cloud 1 1/2 hr then back to Flensburg 45 min, We don't have time for confessions, before Mass, and it is around 12:30, when Mass is over.That is a long time to fast for those who are able to receive.Oh! how we would very much have you here in our Diocese My prayers will be for that. Sincerely, Sharon Stockard. oh! I for got to tell you that Sacred Heart Parish has an empty priest house, and an empty nuns house, and an empty school bldg, and a lovely cemetery, where we use to process to on the Feast of Corpus. Christi