Friday, November 11, 2011

Archbishop Nienstedt Draws Fire from Anti-Catholic NCR

Edit:  more people than ever should admire Archbishop Nienstedt.   As Bishop of New Ulm he denounced his Old Liberal predecessor's errors.

National Catholic Reporter just can't believe that a Bishop could be Catholic in this day and age, standing against the homosexual agenda.

Truly one of the most deceitful publications reporting on the Catholic scene in America had this to say:

The episode was not Nienstedt’s first indelicate act as bishop of New Ulm. He denounced the writings of his predecessor who had recently died. Bishop Raymond Lucker had begun working on a book when illness overtook him and he entrusted the completion of the work to a friend. Lucker, who had served as the bishop of New Ulm for twenty-five years, died in 2001, the same year Nienstedt became bishop of New Ulm. When the book was published in 2003, Nienstedt urged Catholics not to read it, said it did not adequately reflect Church Teaching. Nienstedt wrote that the book “challenges the church’s own understanding of herself as being authoritatively charged under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to teach in the name of Jesus on matters of faith and morals.” Nienstedt referred the text to the USCCB Doctrine Committee. The Committee engaged a theologian to review the book, who concluded that while there were some passages that were “ambiguous” and “lacking nuance,” the book did not contain “grave errors.”

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