Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Una Voce Gets Four New Associations in Communist Sphere

Edit: Una Voce, an organization devoted to spreading the Immemorial Rite of the Mass throughout the world is growing. Even in Cuba.

Hey, Raoul, Let's go to Mass

The International Federation Una Voce Welcomes Four New Members.

The International Federation Una Voce is pleased to announce the admission of four new members. The Federation Council has approved applications from:

Una Voce Albaruthenia (Belarus),
Una Voce Natal (Brazil),
Una Voce Cuba,
Una Voce Ucraina (Ukraine).
Since the promulgation of the motu prorio Summorum Pontificum in July 2007 the Federation has admitted twelve new associations: from Malta, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile - Casablanca, Philippines, Japan, Portugal, and now the four associations named above. We are also in active discussions with another five groups in Latin America and two in Asia. What is especially encouraging is that all these groups are being formed and led by energetic young people who have found in the traditional liturgy a spirituality they have not been able to find elsewhere. This is our hope for the future in that young lay people will be working with young clergy and religious to ensure that the traditions of the Church will be preserved and fostered.

Link to Federation Website, Una Voce...

Here's a website we got the photo of Castro from.  It actually lists his sexual preference?  Up until recently, homosexuality was illegal in Cuba.  Perhaps the fact that many of Cuba's benefactors objected to this that the law was changed?

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