Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SSPX: 57 New Candidates For Priesthood Worldwide

(Menzingen) The Society of St. Pius X operates six seminaries and is reporting 57 new entrants in their seminaries: twenty new entrants in the Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas in Winona (USA), nineteen in the Seminary of Cure de Ars in Flavigny (F), nine in the Seminary of Zaitzkofen (D).

With nine entrants in the Seminaries in Argentina and Australia in the Spring there are 57 new candidates for the Society of St. Pius X.

In 2010 the Society received 48 new seminarians, in 2009 there were 41 and in 2008 there were 49.

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Here's a related article on growth in the FSSP.


Matthew said...

Deo Gratias!

Anonymous said...

Soon the SSPX seminary in Winoa, Minnesota USA, named St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary (a former Dominican seminary and monastery built in the 1950's), will be among the largest seminaries enrollment wise in the USA!!
With about 8 new priests ordained this past Summer, and given the normal attrition rate of a handful, theSt. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, which stood at close to 80 seminarians in May, could have close to 100 seminarians this year!! While on the other hands, there are less than half a dozen Vatican II seminaries in the USA approaching or over 100 seminarians. Before Vatican II, in the 1950's there were at least 100 seminaries in the USA with more than 100 students. Not to mention religious Order seminaries which sometimes had as many as 350-450 students in the 1950's.
Isn't that a kick in the head for the Vatican II modern Catholic Church. Obviously the SSPX is doing something right, and the Vatican II Church doing something wrong. Duh!

And the SSPX is looking for property in the USA to build a second seminary!!!

God bless the SSPX and all Orders affiliated to it with many vocations, Grace, and Blessings!