Friday, October 28, 2011

Parisian Catholics Strike Out Against Blasphemous Play

Edit:  Christianiphobia's ok, that's the message that's being sent, and you'd better not do anything about it either.  A protest organized by an organization known as Renouveau Françai, that is a group of fervent Catholics dedicated to the restoration of France to Her ancient traditions. The protest has sparked a lot of justifiable anger among the Parisians as a whole, while decadent government officials seek legal remedies.  According to the following news report, this play, which blasphemes the Blessed Mother and Our Lord, has appeared without incident in Poland, Spain and Italy.

What's wrong with the rest of Europe?  Is France  the only nation in Europe where men take action against palpable evil when they see it?

Some protesters got inside the play and displayed a banner.  They were manhandled -- if you can call it that--
  by the theater staff while the audience jeered at the protesters who'd stolen the stage.

PARIS (AP) — The city of Paris is filing legal complaints against a group of fundamentalist Christians who have been protesting a play currently showing at the municipal theater, claiming it is blasphemous, the mayor said Friday.

Riot police have been called in to chase off demonstrators bearing crosses loudly protesting in front of, and sometimes inside, the Theatre de la Ville since the Oct. 20 opening of the play.

"Sur le Concept du Visage du fils de Dieu" ("On the Concept of the Son of God's Face"), by Italian Romeo Castellucci is a provocative story centering on a young man caring for his aged and incontinent father. A portrait of the face of Christ looms large onstage throughout and projectiles are ultimately thrown at it.


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