Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Liberal Benedictine Abbot Against Celibacy

Edit:  It's hard to say which order is worse.  All of the major orders have men like this running the show, though.  They all seem to suffer from a sickening uniformity of doctrinal non-conformity with the Church.  What is a lack of good will, results in what looks like no faith.

Altliberaler Benediktinerabt gegen Zölibat

Austria.  Celibacy doesn't belong to the nature of Protestantism.  The ‘Reichssender Wien’ (ORF) [the inheritor of the old Reichsender which was the Nazi broadcaster in Austria] conducted an interview where Abbot Otto Strohmaier of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Lambrecht said this.  The establishment lays in the district of Murau in Styria.   Abbot Strohmaier desires priestly marriage, "because it would be possible to see again that the existence of monks and nuns is something completely unique."  Most Austrian Monks are Priests.  The Abbot can imagine that priestly marriage would be better, as it supposedly is "so challenging to live as it sometimes unfortunately is".  He avoided mentioning that there are are many problems with married clergy, as for example those that are so frequent with protestant clergy. 

Edit: the article refers to a Lutheran Bishopess who got divorced in 2007 and another female minister.

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