Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jesuit Superior General: The Secret Poison of Atheism is Raging Even Within the Church

The Spanish Jesuit Father General, Pedro Arrupe († 1991) is held as a destroyer of the Society of Jesus.  At 46 he suffered a moment of lucidity, in any case.
Father Pedro Arrupe

(  On Monday,  27. September 1965, the General Superior of the Jesuits, Father Pedro Arrupe, spoke in Rome before the Council to the gathered Bishops.

The German weekly 'Zeit' reported this on the 1st of October 1965.

Father Arrupe was a survivor of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

According to the account by 'Zeit', he "shcoked" many of the Council bedazzled Bishops with his address.

He is supposed to have -- as  the 'Zeit' put it -- "claimed":

"A new society of the Godless controlling almost entirely the international organisations, the financial circles and the field of mass communications, like the press, film, radio and television."

AND:  "The secret poison of atheism is raging even within the Catholic Church, and its fruits are naturalism, doubt and rebellion."

The 'Zeit' insisted that FAther Arrupe did not mean simply the Communists.

Actually, many of the Bishops -- incredibly -- are supposed to have felt that the Jesuit General had gone "too far" with his remarks about a worldwide conspiracy of atheism -- wrote the 'Zeit' apologetically.

Some noticed that -- only a week before the address by Pope Paul VI. († 1978)before the 'United Nations' -- that he criticized "international organizations".

Father Arrupe sought no anathema against atheism, which he didn't understand primarily as a philosophical problem.

"Social reforms" were needed in the fight against it.

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Unknown said...

The last good Jesuit leader?

I've noticed however, that there are many very good young Jesuits going through the novitiate in St. Paul. Unfortunately, it will be 30 years before they will be electable as leaders of Jesuit institutions (if there are any left).

Pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want to pray for one of Lucifer/Satan's best workers to be "better" in his job?

Rather pray for him to find the truth. The word of God says Jesus is the truth, His Word is truth and Jesus' 10 Commandments is truth.

We should pray that the antichrist and all Satan's workers find truth and start serving Jesus.

Remember the 4th commandment, "Exo 20:8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy." (if your Bible does not contain the 4th commandment of God, you may be serving the antichrist)

Anonymous said...

There are so few Jesuits left that in thirty years, when any "good Jesuits" are in positions of authority, there will not be much of an Order to influence.
Thanks to the disaster of Vatican II and it's "deforms", the Jesuits are down almost 20,000 from their peak of 36,101 in 1965.
There were more Jesuits than that in the 17th and early 18th centuries,but speaking of modern times, the Jesuitsflourished all the way up to about 1964, and peaked in 1965...declining right after Vatican II and contniuing today.
IN the USA, there are now only about 2,450 Jesuits, compared to over 7,700 priests before 1964. There are only about 200 Jesuit seminarians (or less) in the USA, compared to over 3,500 before 1965. World wide, the Jesuits have about 17,300 members today.
Other Orders, such as the venerable Franciscan Order (OFM) have suffered equally....down from 28,500 in 1965 to barely 14,000 today. At the rate of this decline, in five years the Franciscans will be below 10,000 members. They are rapidly being wiped off the map of Europe and other parts of the world, closing 187 monasteries for 2009-2010.
Smaller but no less famous Orders such as the liberal Trappist Order of monks could be extinct in 10 years, and the ancient but now radical ecumenical Camaldolese Order could be extinct in 5 years, with only 80 monks world wide!

Pray that traditionalist branches of all of the above are founded quickly to become remnants of once great Orders in the Church.