Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russia to Introduce Religious Instruction

Current Education Minister: Russia Plans the introduction of Religious Education and ethical instruction in all schools. Religious Instruction was abolished by the Communist government after the October Revolution in 1917.

Moscow  ( Russia is planning the introduction of Religious  Education and ethical instruction in all schools.  This was broadcast by Maxim Dulinow, present Education Minister, yesterday (31.8.), according to "Domradio Cologne".  Which was the result of a previous introductory instruction in a quarter of the regions of the country.

It will offer elective subjects in the "Foundations of Religion" and Ethics. In the test run since the year 2009 there were six electives: Russian-Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism or Buddhist religious instruction, ethical instruction or a subject about the foundations of World Religions. The students preferred ethical instruction, Orthodox Religious Instruction and the foundations of World Religion. The students were instructed by previously qualified secular teachers.

Religious instruction in the schools was abolished after the 1917 October Revolution by the Communist regime.

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