Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penance in Latin at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

In the Papal Basilica of Saint Maria Maggiore in Rome, Penance is heard in Latin. Father Jan Raffaele de Brabandere of the Dominican Order offers the languages of French, Italian, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian in the Basilica and the basic language of Latin for all the faithful from the world, who perhaps have a great need on their Rome pilgrimage for the purifying Sacrament of reconciliation and the forgiveness of sins.

Fr. de Brandadere, aged 1928, is residing directly at the Basilica, belongs to the 108 Dominicans active in the Holy City. At the Basilica, he is the Penitentiary and Almoner, and in addition serves as high ranking Prelate of the Papal Household. The doctoral Church Musician is also famous for his compositions in church music.

Text: Orbis catholicus/Giuseppe Nardi, from the German.

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ConfusedReader said...

Is Fr. de Brandadere really 1982 years old?

Tancred said...

Great wines like great Prelates are aged.