Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moscow Library Erects Memorial to John Paul II

It's about an "extraordinary gesture of the Russian State", said the Catholic Cathedral Rector of Moscow Jozef Zaniewski.

Moscow( the first time a Russian institution has erected a memorial for Pope John Paul II (1978-2005). In the inner court of the Moscow State Library for foreign literature a statue will be inaugurated on 14. October, says the Catholic Cathedral office in Moscow.

It is about an "extraordinary gesture of the Russian State", said Pastor Jozef Zaniewksi for the Polish media. John Paul II would have wanted to have visited Russia. This unfulfilled wish is enshrined by this memorial. The Moscow Patriarchate had declined a visit then.

The figure was financed according to the library by the Polish company and a company. It shows the former Pontiff of the Catholic Church siting with a book in his hand. The statue was created by a Polish and a Ukranian sculptor.

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