Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Litigious, Pro-Homosexual Mexican Bishop Thumbs Nose at Local Critics

Edit: Mexico has a petulant and grandiose Prelate running the show who doesn't agree with the Church's teachings. He's so bad his people have even protested outside the Chancery against him. Of course, that's almost unheard of in the United States probably owing to the fact that there aren't enough Catholics to have a decent protest, but we digress.

His Lordship was called to Rome for an investigation recently.

Since then he's claimed already that he wasn't reprimanded by the Vatican in El Universal for his support of a group that promotes homosexuality called, Noe Ruiz or any of the other egregious things he's been accused of doing.

The Bishop is also promoting the abolishing of the Church's teaching on the sin of abortion at Lifesite.

When the local laity protested against this Old Liberal, as was reported by Whispers, this deeply spiritual and humanitarian crusader for civil rights threatened to sue them.

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