Monday, September 26, 2011

Linz Bishop Will Reap the Bitter Harvest of the People's Anger

The Bishop of Linz has waltzed the beloved Pastor of Kopfing out of town. Now, the Catholic people's soul has been brought to a boil.

( On the 18th of September Bishop Ludwig Schwarz (71) of Linz has dismissed beloeved Pastoral Administrator of Kopfing Andrzej Skoblicki (47) from his duties.

Because the clergyman directed a blooming parish, he was a thorn in the side of the anti-Church media bosses.

The People see through the Propaganda Journalism

The ally of the Bishops in the media lynching of Fr. Skoblicki was the anti-Church regional news Oberösterreichische Nachrichten’. [Upper Austrian News Service]

It sent an anonymous reporter to Kopfing last Sunday, who made and illegal photo and to acquire more propaganda material against Fr. Skoblicki.

He did not get to hear what he wanted to hear.

"I find it schocking what was done to Pastor Skoblicki!" -- the aper had to quote some of the faithful.

Or: "It woulda been better if they wrote what the truth is!" -- so the anger of thep people vented itself.

The Scandal Sheet Found no Scandal

The smear sheet took great pains to find someone who would throw some dirt on the clergyman.

It cited anonymously and deceitfully a supposed "Christoph M." in the article.

The Kopfingers stand so much behind their pastor that the regional paper had to offer this begrudging concession:

"The majority of the faithful, who gathered in front of the church after Mass, were sympathetic to the divine from Poland."

Fr. Skoblicki takes the Gospel seriously.

The Grand Nazi-Coalition

Fr. Skoblicki's "withdrawal" is even a humiliation for his mentor, Senior Pastor Alois Heinzl (89).

In an interview for the video website '' he revealed what was behind the bond between the media bosses the Old Liberal Bishop and the enemies of the Pastor.

The village of Kopfing is an old Nazi Nest with a fine old tradition of aborting priests of Tradition.

The media tried to demonize this sermon. It was about Jesus, obedient even unto death:

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