Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liberal Press Continues to Delight in Austrian Dissidents' Rebellion

Edit: Ho-hum. Most Austrians don't care about this sort of thing. A lot of times, ecclesiastical Liberals lament that people aren't drawn to the Catholic Church because of the conventions and dogmas it's been enslaved to. However, in the half-century or so since Liberals have been at the helm, and had every opportunity to put a different face on religion, some say even alter it so it's unrecognizeable as religion, there has been a catastrophic drain of people and resources from the pews every Sunday and an almost wholesale abandonment of the Church in the West.

It's hard to see how a very small tribe of ecclesiastical Liberals with the same ideas that emptied the Church in the first place, are going to take many people with them into their desacralized world without revelation, without beauty and devoid of love.

People, and that includes Austrians, are a lot smarter than that. Most Austrians could care less, despite the media atention it's gotten and the various Austrian Bishops who've spoken in favor of it -- much to their disgrace -- of this Call to Disobedience.

Here's the Tablet, getting things wrong as it usually does:

Austrian abbots say Schönborn cannot stop schism

1 September 2011
The highly influential Austrian abbots said this week that talk of schism in the Austrian Church could not be damped down, nor the current conflict resolved, by a meeting between the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schonbörn and representatives of dissident priests. The Church has been in turmoil since the more than 300 priests of the Austrian Priests' Initiative called for disobedience on matters such as priestly celibacy and communion for remarried divorcees. Abbot Martin Felhofer of Schlägl Abbey said: "This can no longer be solved by the cardinal alone. Everyone - bishops, abbots, Religious and representatives of the Austrian Priests' Initiative - must sit down and the discuss the problems together."

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schmenz said...

Let the dissident priests go; they are not needed. Give them a fair canonical warning and then, if they continue their obstinancy, let them go and reduce them to the lay state.

And Rome should let Schonborn go as well. It is his lack of leadership and his thinly-veiled treachery which has worsened this situation.