Sunday, September 11, 2011

Italy: Broadcaster Cancels Offensive Television Show

Edit: But it's fun for the whole family.

Because of  concerns about the religious feelings of Catholics the series was removed from the programming schedule.

Milan ( KNA) In Italy, the state television broadcoaster "Rai uno" has cancelled the continuation of the German TV show "Um Himmels Willen" [ Heaven's Will] because of its offensiveness to Catholics.  In the middle point of the 40 minute television episode there was a blessing of two homosexual men in a church.

The director o the program Mauro Mazza, justified the decision with concerns technical programming, as reported by the Milan news "Corriere della Sera" (Thursday) . In order to bend to the concerns of the Catholic side it had to make an "uncustomary judgment" to cancel the the series.  Anna Paola, the delegate of the opposition Democratic Party reproached the television broadcaster of censorship and called for an investigation.   The German television series with Jutta Speidel and Fritz Wepper in the main roles ran in the midday program of "Rai uno" under the title "A Hurricane in the Cloister". 

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