Friday, September 9, 2011

Hamburg Auxiliary Bishop: Christians Should Support Building Mosques

Editor: It is this last form of Communism which has given rise to the movement known as Interfaith, which consists of a common-denominator belief that leaves a Jew delighted, a Protestant contented, and a Catholic without an Apostles’ Creed. - Father Leonard Feeney

Auxiliary Bishop Jaschke says: "We Christians support the building of beautiful Mosques" "I find it within the realm of the possible that Christians can make a gift of a new Mosque to Muslims."

Hamburg ( The Hamburg Auxiliary Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke discussed the building of new Mosques in Germany. At the same time he called on Christians to support the building of such things symbolically. "I find it within the realm of the possible that Christians can make a gift of a Mosque to Muslims -- as a sign of sympathy, neighborliness and religious solidarity," said the member of the German Bishops Conference for Inter religious Dialog to "Die Welt" in Hamburg on Saturday.

Perhaps it's possible to have a table with a verse from the Bible and the Koran. Perhaps a collection can be taken in the churches to provide financial support for a gift, said the Auxiliary Bishop. "We Christians support the building of beautiful Mosques," said the Auxiliary Bishop. Men must sense that faith has something to do with beauty and culture. Jaschke warned at the same time that the circle of Mosques that come to form a parallel world which is detached from parts of the city. Link to


  1. Ave Maria!
    how sad to hear a Catholic who doesn't think that Catholicism alone can't spead peace in our world.

  2. Sure! Christians will give them money for a mosque, as soon as they quit be-heading Christians for practicing the faith, and burning bibles...when hell freezes over.