Friday, September 23, 2011

A Dance Bar in the Stadium

The German Bishops have begun fearfully to drag their otherness through the thorns, that they can oldliberalize themselves with enormous theological jingles.
'Spiegel' Describes Pope as "Unteachable"

( Germany "one first glance has nothing to do with the streaming world Church, which it showed in Madrid."

This was written by German journalist Matthias Matussek in the recent edition of the bitterly anti-Church German boulevard magazine "Spiegel".

The Magazine was founded after the Second World War by a former Nazi journalist and Lieutenant of the Wehrmacht.

The article appeared with the title" "Rock in the Storm -- Why Catholicism may not become Catholicism."

Theological Opportunism

Matusek insists that Germany reveals a contentious and intriguing official Catholicism.

He described the German Church as the richest and most morose in the world.

For the money it receives from the state "they pay with correlation to the state and often with theological opportunism."

The consequence: "the German Church doesn't propose have a counter world any more, rather, according to Theology professor Hubert Windisch -- >>to a dance bar in a stadium<<."
One Acclimatizes

The Church in Germany takes great pains, to enact their so-called reform agendas according to the five minute plebiscites of talkshows:

"Fearfully, they try to drag their otherness through the thorns, that they >>liberalize<< themselves with enormous theological jingles."

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