Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Chavez Clone Gets "Lumen Christi" Award

Edit: What is a Lumen Christi Award?  It looks like it's something you get for undermining the Catholic Church's teachings.   Here's a list of the recipients.
Serving "the poorest of the poor"

WASHINGTON – Dominican Sister Gabriella Williams, this year’s winner of Catholic Extension’s Lumen Christi Award, sees her work with migrants and other immigrant workers in Southern California as fulfilling part of God’s plan of love for all of humanity. 

“We are all God’s people, brothers and sisters. I support whoever I can because we are part of a big family and all that we do must be centered on God. God is love and I try to live this fact by my example,” she said in a Sept. 20 telephone interview with Catholic News Service. 

“I am just a little part in a big puzzle and when we all live as God wants us to, then his plan of love can become a reality,” she added

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