Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Accusation Against Father Dan Ward at Collegeville

Fr. Dan Ward

Edit: What lies are there which continue to be revealed as the Modernist Monastery's decaying and dying structures spread their contagion.  Monks who do not believe or practice the Church's teachings on sexual morality and personal conduct are protected and continue their collective task as agents of demoralization?

In the battle against what we call Cultural Marxism there are almost no active or coordinated opponents of this that we know of, although it's much discussed. All of the combatants are isolated from one another, linked by a common experience or an understanding of Cultural Marxism and its effects.  Cultural Marxism is dangerous because it teaches that there are no personal sins, only collective ones and it stands by it central dogma that "there is no such thing as objectivity or truth".  The term is better understood by its links especially to the Frankfurt School and Modern Psychoanalysis. But despite all of the evidence and warnings around and about, there is practically no response from the churches, indeed, they are often proponents of Cultural Marxism. While  Pope Benedict will decry the "Dictatorship of Relativism" there are all too few religious leaders in the Catholic Church who take him seriously; a diabolical delusion has certainly taken hold. An individual who finds himself confronted by its various manifestations doesn't know where to turn; he can seek legal aid, but it's an uphill battle, because one of the hallmarks of this social disease is that it's extremely difficult to make a coherent defense against it, because many people won't accept reasoned defenses, so far have its inroads been made into education where the values of truth and honor have been replaced by Social Justice and uncritical "tolerance". Some even  turn to their churches for counsel against this ideology, but in many cases, their church has long ago succumbed, and the Cultural Marxist will have been long in place, spreading the spiritual and intellectual torpor and demoralizing the society at large.

In this particular case, we have a Modernist Monastery -- whose legal counsel is a credibly accused predator, Father Dan Ward -- which is a widely trusted institution,  thought to be forthright in its mission, but we discover not only that they are false, but when questioned about unjust and plainly immoral behavior, they will  dismiss and deflect the concerns.  Some victims have even  found themselves being threatened.  All of this has happened at Collegeville. Their very profession as religious is itself a walking contradiction where they are permitted and frequently  promote homosexuality, sexual depravity and Social Justice in the name of the Catholic Religion and their profession as Benedictine Monks.

This philosophical attack, classically represented by Collegeville's monastics, has been with us for a long time. For Modernism has been a problem in the Catholic Church dating long before its actual condemnation by St. Pius X in his encyclical Lamaentabili Sane. Despite this condemnation and the perpetual condemnation of the Church for the false doctrines promoted at Collegeville. Modernism and its manifestations in the aforementioned Liberal schools of thought, has as their roots, the continental philosophical, humanist tradition expressed by Empiricist, Nominalist and Atheist thinkers of the last three Centuries.

Those seedlings which have shot up from fragile seeds of error have chocked out the furrows of a once plentiful field and turned them into an overgrown wasteland, increasingly remote to the principles which guided the organization in the first place.

St. John's has numerous complaints against it, including against its leadership, notably Abbot Eidenschenk who would interview his novices in the nude. These accusations stretch back decades but most have taken place in the eighties and indicate that from the top down, there was a culture of homosexual depravity to also include also Abbot Timothy Kelly who was himself responsible for disciplining these individuals and seems to have looked the other way because he too was as corrupt as the men being accused.  It's also a matter of fact that someone in administration was tampering with the personal files of the various accused.

St. John's attorney, Father Dan Ward, has also been substantially accused of being a homosexual predator. When one of his victims approached the Abbot, Jerome, he was told to "grow up".

This account will be familiar to some. Many left-leaning, homosexual clergy have talked about the importance of "being sexually mature".

It is interesting to note that Father Dan Ward was the man responsible for stage handling the mostly ineffective and now defunct Institute for Sexual Trauma [Interfaith is always a bad sign.  There's only one true Faith.] which was apparently set up for the fox to watch the chickens.  His other activities, when he's not betraying the Catholic Faith, include helping women religious avoid living their lives in a legitimate fashion as director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes..  This article is from Catholic Culture entitled, "In Denial". 

Here's the most recent report about Father Dan Ward's alleged sexual activities from the Pine Curtain:
Fr. Dan Ward believed that a well-rounded and mature monastic needed to have an open-minded view of sexuality. The conversation started to become more physical as he began to be aroused by the topic.[Sounds familiar]

I rejected his advances and strong sexual initiatives.

I immediately left his room and went and got sick.

The next morning I went to see XXXXXX and told him of the incident. His response simply was to get over it that Father Ward has great power … [He does actually.  He runs a well-endowed non-profit]  and if I wish to continue being a monastic I would just have to accept his behavior.

I spoke to XXXXXX privately about the encounter. He told me it was a confessional issue and I needed to grow up and deal with my sexuality.

[Webmaster's Note: This is an excerpt from the fourth statement received from a victim of Dan Ward's misconduct. Excerpts from the first three statements are available here.]
Note that the complaining monk's counselor didn't deny that Father Ward is what he is, but that you just have to live with it.

Pine Curtain, here. 

We Still Remember

 Josh Guimond, 20, left a small card party at friend Nate Slinkard's Metten Court apartment on the St. John's University campus in Collegeville, MN sometime around midnight on November 9, 2002. His friends believed he was just making a trip to the bathroom, but when he did not come back after 15 minutes, they assumed he had just walked back to his dorm room at St. Maur House. It was a three minute walk, but he never made it home. He has not been seen since. While there was some drinking at the party, friends say Josh Guimond was not inebriated when he left.


Gabriel Austin said...

Was not Rembert Weakland head of the Benedictines? The attitude towards those who complained of homosexual advances was Weakland's "don't be a squealer".

Anonymous said...

Sexual molestation happens in every order and every country. Look to Rome for answers.

Tancred said...

Sexual molestation occurs where Liberals are left at the helm and abetted by legal and media structures which blithely ignore this fact.

Mr. Austin, yes, actually Archbishop Rembert Weakland is one of the worst of the liberal prelates, also a "Benedictine" who fits the personality type of Father Dan Ward.

The malaise that has virtually stymied the Church will not be undermined until these figures are rooted out and professionally, if not physically, destroyed.

All legal avenues toward arresting, trying and executing these miscreants should be encouraged on the part of Church and government officials.

Ideally, perpetrators like +Weakland should be tried, found guilty, stripped of their offices, dishonored and turned over for public execution as heretics and monsters.

These profligates are, as we have said earlier, virtual parasites frittering away spiritual capital they did nothing to create and have done everything to deplete.