Friday, August 19, 2011

Riots Against Pope's Visit Incited by the Reds

The Flag of God, King, Country and Tradition
lot of money to the Spanish Government and taxpayers, violence has ensued.  It's a familiar pattern. Actually, as Voris says, a lot more money is going in than going out and Coca Cola Company has picked up the expenses.  Here's the video, here.

The proud banner above with Salitire and Cross is the Carlist.  Carlistas have been fighting Communism in Spain for more than a century now.  There was no ambiguity intended and many thanks to the commenter who pointed it out.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is a flag of a Carlist movement, which is Catholic.

Embajador said...

Carlism has been fighting not just communism, but anything that emanates from the French Revolution for almost 2 centuries now.[This in exchange for your explanation of what "Salitire" means. Never seen that word before and I am curious- that cross in Spanish is "la cruz de Borgoña" (the cross of Bourgogne). As it is, I believe, the only instance in Spanish heraldry where a cross of St. Andrew shows up, people in Spain generally think that that is the real and only St. Andrew's cross, so it is also called "la cruz de San Andrés"]