Friday, August 19, 2011

Catholic News Agency had "no idea" It Isn't a Legitimate Non-Profit

Bad Mime !

Clarification: Shea says that we were "reactionary" [That's a Marxist term to describe conservatives, btw.] in suggesting this and attempted to tut-tut us, but the records actually show that EWTNs CNA failed four times successively to file their tax status for the government and there were occasions where they went weeks and months without a legal tax status. We even got it from his website. Oh well, what do you expect from a channel that advertises Billy Graham ads and is a Network Gone Wrong.

Voris overlooked this minor technicality for two years. Catholic Snooze Agency did this over four years.

Catholic News Agency had "no idea" about its own administrative shortcomings when it attempted to pillory Micheal Voris for not filing the non-profit status of RCTV for two years with the State of Michigan.

Stephen Fry says comments sections are the rat's cellar, but Mark Shea's com box had this gem by JC Kapla:

Hmmm…. I’m no Voris defender, but this is nothing but cheapshot journalism, so let’s see:

Catholic News Agency claims to be a 501(c)3 based in Englewood, CO, yet there is no record of them under that name or ACI Prensa in Colorado. In addition, there is no record of either one on any charity watchdog site, such as GuideStar or Charity Navigator.

A search for their address on Google turns up two other Catholic organizations apparently located in the same building: Christ in the City Missionaries and Association for Catholic Info.

No business records exist for Christ in the City Missionaries either, but they do exist for Association for Catholic Info.

A man by the name of Jorge Luna incorporated AfCI and his name appears on several AfCI documents. His name also appears several times on the Catholic News Agency website, so they appear to be connected.

And what do you know!!! Lo and behold…

AfCI failed FOUR YEARS IN A ROW to file its annual report with the state of Colorado. It’s all right there on the State of Colorado’s website:

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TTC said...

Thanks for this. It is a doozy.

Ivan Kamenski said...

Will CNA be equally aggressive in outing homosexual priests and bishops, and heretics and not-so-crypto-protestants I wonder? With all of CNA's resources, this is the best smear campaign against Voris that you were able to come up with? Sounds like Voris' company is in better shape than moth "catholic" hospitals, universities, dioceses, and parishes.

Ivan Kamenski said...

"you" should have been "they"...I didn't mean to imply that you were approving CNA's smears against Voris