Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Bishop of Chur Has Capitulated Utterly

Edit: this Swiss Bishop has been struggling with the Modernists who dominate the administrative and financial structures of his Diocese. They haven't managed to run him out like they've done before, but they have managed to render him and his office almost ineffective in the opinion of the following article.

That is the reality: Catholic Bishops sit on their thrones and can't do anything. The Church is under the knout of the secularized Old Liberals, who have have the media bosses to thank for their power.
Bishop Vitus Hounder

( Bishop Vitus Huonder of Church has beaten a pitiful retreat.
Against an earlier statement, he now says he will not ordain or educate Seminarians in the Old Rite.

The press speaker, Giusseppe Gracia, said this yesterday in a press release.

Msgr Huonder will send Traditional Seminarians on to Traditional Institutes.

The decision has its advantages.

Because then only modern Seminarians will be poisoned in the 'Theologische Hochschule' [An Advanced Theological Program] , which is infested by the Church's enemies, at the behest of the Bishop.

Two Personal Parishes

Msgr Huonder is promising the Traditionalists a consolation prize.

He wants that two Traditional Communities in the Cantons of Schwyz and Zurich -- which have lasted for more than two decades already -- will be made into Personal Parishes.

The press release has to point out, though, that these exist as "de facto" parishes as such.

The Bishop promises to send personnel, "as the demand requires". That will be simple for him to accomplish as well. For in the Old Rite there is no priest shortage.

Msgr Huonder explains that the Traditionalists in the Diocese of Church will have plenty of opportunities in the future, to celebrate the "celebration of the Divine Service" in the Old Rite.

That is admittedly a formulation which hails from the Old Liberal self-promotions Liturgy.

In the Christian Divine Service the Priest is the celebrant of the Divine Service. The faithful take part at it.

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