Monday, July 25, 2011

Scandal-Diocese Linz Prepares to Showtrial Another Conservative Priest

Editor: A religion instructor has been organizing a smear campaign against the pastor of a small parish near Linz, Austria. She has brought in an Austrian radio broadcaster, part of Hitler's propaganda machine, the anti-Church Reichssender. Of course, this brings to mind the persecution the conservative Father Wagner of Linz suffered when he was named as Auxiliary Bishop last year.

Priest Will Be Publicly Executed by Reichssender Vienna

This clergyman has a full church in his parish.  But that won't help him.  Because the media monopoly have chosen him as a victim.

(  Old Liberal circles are leaping to a witch hunt against Pastor Andrzej Skoblicki of Kopfing in the Diocese of Linz.

They are supported in this by the anti-Church 'Österreichischen Rundfunk", which is the successor of the anti-Church, 'Reichssender Wien" of the Nazi era.

Yesterday, the broadcaster published a hit piece against the priest.

The population 2000 village of Kopfing is located seventy kilometers northwest of Linz.

A "retreat to the Middle Ages" would be a great leap forward

The clergyman is reproached for teaching the Catholic Faith.

In familiar jargon the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk' explained that Fr. Skoblicki's community is "divisive" or "being led back to the Middle Ages".

The concept "divisive" is a codeword which the media monopoly uses because Father Skoblicki doesn't tell them what they want to hear.

The "retreat to the Middle Ages" means that he declares stone solid morality and doesn't just say yes and Amen.

In the schools there would be concerns about the pedagogical capabilities the clergyman lacks.

An anticlerical religion teacher is behind the campaign

For over two years there have been -- according to the Österreichischen Rundfunk' -- 431 signatures against the priest.

There is an anticlerical religion teacher behind the campaign.

She has allegedly gathered about thirty persons around herself, who have taken up the fight with the monopoly media against the priest.

The priest from Poland is "arch-conservative" -- cursed the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk'.

He demands -- like Christ -- absolute faith and will not allow any question -- is how the 'Österreichischen Rundfunk' characterized his own conduct.

The work with youth is supposedly "disrupted" by this.

The question is, if this is the case in the surrounding country parishes.

The elected Pastoral Council is standing behind this priest

The parish of Kopfing exhibits an above average level of church attendance.

The Catholics of the area are reviled by "Österreichischen Rundfunk' as "hangers on" of the Pastor and "sectarian".

The Hammer: Even marriages are broken up because of "his teaching" -- slanders the broadcaster.

There has been no word from the pastoral council -- because this board stands behind their pastor.

The 'Österreichische Rundfunk' ascribes evil motives to the Priest, that he had said, "The wages of sin is death".

Actually, that is from a citation from the Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans.

The Bishop receives the enemies of the priest

As expected the powerful slanderers of the Priest have been received with open arms in the scandal Diocese of Linz.

There has already been a discussion between Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, the Pastor of Kopfing and the General Vicar Severin Lederhilger.

In the meantime, ‘Österreichische Rundfunk’ have only interviewed the enemies of the Pastor.

Because here is exactly what the monopoly broadcaster company is accusing the clergyman of doing: that the former Fascist Broadcaster will not admit that its attempt at manipulation can be questioned by anyone.

You can see the video of the Divine Mercy sermon given by Father, where he explains a sick call where he witnessed a little miracle from a person who wasn't much of a church goer, but while in terrible pain was able to utter the words, "Jesus, I trust in you" before they died a few days later. Unfortunately, it's in German, but you can really see a devoted and sincere man of God, here...

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