Friday, July 1, 2011

Is San Francisco Poisonous to Children?

Editor: Despite one person mentioning that their neighborhood was a little dicey, most people were talking about the expensive real-estate in the city.  Despite the government's best efforts, people with families are leaving the city.  Not sure what the reason could be, but is it possible that San Francisco is poisonous to children? It's definitely becoming a world without children.

One of San Francisco's Top Cops

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Despite efforts by officials to keep families in San Francisco, the percentage of children that make up the city’s population continues to decline.

U.S. Census Bureau figures show that just over 13 percent of the city’s residents are younger than 18.
That’s not only a drop from 1970 when 22 percent of San Francisco’s population was younger than 18, but it’s also one of the smallest percentages of children in the country.

What Mother wouldn't want her child here?

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